Gorkha 11 75/9 (10 ov)
Miranda Dragons 33/4 (10 ov)
Gorkha 11 beat Miranda Dragons by 42 runs
Player of the match: Ibrahim Mohammad
Another game and another victory for Gorkha as they continue to get better and better. Seven wins for them out of eight games as they continue to comfortably consolidate the top spot in the table. A great bowling performance to defend 75 runs and by a handsome margin of 42 runs as well. They may have picked up only four wickets, but they kept things tight right from the beginning of the chase and never allowed the batsmen to get going, who were struggling either ways as we saw from their first game. Brilliant start from Imran and Rahul at the top with figures of 4/1 and 6/1 respectively, setting the tone. Economical bowling from everyone and an all-round show for Gorkha. 

The Dragons have only themselves to blame for as they lacked the intent to score after having done a decent job with the ball earlier in this game. None of the batsmen could get going as they only managed to get to 33 runs in the end, even worse than their score of 42 in the previous game and it was a struggle for them out in the middle. Consecutive losses against the same team in their first two games then and not an ideal start to the tournament for them. 

Early days though and they will be hoping that they can re-group and comeback strong from facing heavy defeats against a strong Gorkha 11 side. Meanwhile, the dream run continues for Gorkha 11 and they will want to continue to keep building on this momentum throughout the remainder of the tournament. That's all we have for the day then from the Portugal edition of ECS 2021. This is Rishab and my colleague Karthik taking your leave. Have a great night! 
It's been another misery for the Dragons with the bat, even worse than the previous game and this is the lowest score in the history of ECS ever, the previous one being 35 by Skyways. A new holder for that unwanted record then. Another convincing win for Gorkha as they continue their winning run. Seven for them now and they complete the double over the Dragons as well! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 1w 0 0 W 0 0 Bowler: Sripal Matta Score: 33/4
9.6 Sripal Matta to Abdul Mohsin, full outside-leg, Abdul swings and misses it. Miranda Dragons finish with a paltry 33/4 off their 10 overs. They have suffered a 42-run loss against a strong Gorkha 11 side.
9.5 Sripal Matta to Abdul Mohsin, full and straight, Abdul skews it back to the bowler. No run.
9.4 Sripal Matta to Syed Asif Rab, length delivery on the stumps, Syed looks to make some room and slogs but he misses it completely and the stumps have been shattered.
9.3 Sripal Matta to Syed Asif Rab, short outside-off, Syed backs away and looks to slash but he doesn't reach the ball.
9.2 Sripal Matta to Syed Asif Rab, full and straight, Syed drives it back to the bowler.
9.2 Sripal Matta to Syed Asif Rab, Sripal bowls it full and wayward but the keeper dives across to save extra runs.
9.1 Sripal Matta to Syed Asif Rab, short on the leg-side, Syed backs away and under-edges the ball to the keeper. 
This chase never picked up the required momentum for the Dragons and it hasn't gotten any better for them. To make it slightly interesting from here, can they beat their own score of 42 from the previous game? This game is done and dusted! Last over coming up then! 
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Madhukar Thapa Score: 32/3
8.6 Madhukar Thapa to Ibrahim Mohammad, short delivery, Ibrahim wants to pull but he misses it.
8.5 Madhukar Thapa to Ibrahim Mohammad, very full delivery, Ibrahim almost lobs up a return catch but Madhukar drops it in the end.
8.4 Madhukar Thapa to Ibrahim Mohammad, full and seaming away, Ibrahim comes down and swings wildly. Absolutely no contact with the ball.
8.3 Madhukar Thapa to Ibrahim Mohammad, full and slow, Ibrahim looks to go low and slog but he doesn't make any connection.
8.2 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Asif Rab, slower delivery, Syed slaps it to the sweeper for a single.
8.1 Madhukar Thapa to Syed Asif Rab, full outside-off, Syed makes some room and looks to flay it over covers but he misses the ball.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 2lb 1 0 0 Bowler: Mohammad Siraj Nipo Score: 0/0
More and more dot balls that have been hurting the Dragons. Tidy bowling again and into the last two overs then. Remains to be seen how many they can get from here. Gorkha on the way to another convincing win! 
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