Moravian CC 55/10 (9.3 ov)
Brno Raiders 56/3 (8.5 ov)
Brno Raiders won by 7 wickets
So that's it from Match 3 of ECN Czech Super Series. From myself, Pradeep Somashekar and my colleague Vinay Chabbria we sign off. Ciao!
so, Moravian's needed flurry of wickets to stop Raiders from chasing this small total. They needed less than run a ball to start with, Aamir Husain scoring 32(28) was enough to get them over the line. Felix and Om Sharma did pick up wickets at the end, but it was too late and Raiders crossed the line comfortably! There wasn't enough pressure applied from the bowlers to keep it tidy as well. In the end it was an easy chase for Raiders and they win by 7 wickets.

Earlier in the innings Moravian CC didn't quite start well, losing their way, losing 5 wickets for just 19 runs and there was no way coming back from there on, the innings went down south. Raiders bowlers picking up wickets early set the tone for them and they had a comfortable win in this match!
Brno Raiders beat Moravian CC by 7 wickets!
8.5 O Sharma to V Bijalwan, in the air, lands in no man's land, the batsmen run two runs and that's it BRD win!
8.4 O Sharma to G Duraisamy, a mis-field in the deep gives the batting side a single. 
8.3 O Sharma to G Duraisamy, appeal for caught behind, but the umpire rejects it. 
8.2 O Sharma to A Khan, OUT! The bowler cleans him up with a good length delivery. 
8.1 O Sharma to V Bijalwan, he tried to hit it out of the ground, but the ball lands just inches ahead of the long-on fielder, one run. 
That was a great over by Felix, the captain should've brought him earlier in the innings to see if that would've helped the course of the match for them. Only 4 runs coming from it, Is it too late? Raiders are doing it comfortably here. They need 4 runs from 12 balls!
7.6 F Irudayadhasan to V Bijalwan, low full toss, played towards long on for a single.
7.5 F Irudayadhasan to V Bijalwan, swing and a miss, he wants to finish it with a six, but fails to connect it. 
7.4 F Irudayadhasan to V Bijalwan, a dot ball here. 
7.3 F Irudayadhasan to A Khan, a full length delivery, the new batsman plays it towards long on for a single. 
7.2 F Irudayadhasan to A Husain, appeal for LBW, and the umpire raises his finger! Can Felix be the hero for Moravian's?
7.1 F Irudayadhasan to A Husain, FOUR, Husain wishes to complete this game as early as possible. 
Not getting wickets hurting Moravian's, Raiders need 10 runs in 18 balls! Should be an easy win for Raiders!
6.6 Prem Yadav to V Bijalwan, a dot ball to end the 7th over. 
6.5 Prem Yadav to A Husain, another shot in the cover region, Husain gets one run. 
6.4 Prem Yadav to A Husain, the short delivery stays low, no connection between bat and ball. 
6.3 Prem Yadav to A Husain, this time Husain plays it on the leg-side, and retains strike with a couple. 
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