MTV Stallions 122/4 (10 ov)
SC Europa Cricket 94/7 (10 ov)
MTV Stallions won by 28 runs.
The MTV Stallions have wrapped up things in a commanding fashion, winning this game by a hefty 28-run margin. 

To be brutally honest, SCE were never really in the game after getting off to a sluggish start. When they finally tried to enforce things, they lost wickets in a heap and found themselves teetering at 23/3 after four overs. By then, the major damage had been inflicted and only a miracle could revitalize them.

All credit to the Stallions' bowling line-up, though. They kept the pressure building from both ends and didn't offer any sort of reprieves to the opposition. B Orya, in particular, was magnificent for his stellar spell of 3 for 8. The likes of Arabzai also did their best to keep the carnage at bay. A word for the Stallions' fielding, too. Although there were some lapses in concentration and some sloppy ground fielding, MTV were excellent when it came to gobbling up catches. A special mention of that acrobatic diving effort to ensnare a stunner in the penultimate over of the game. 

That's that from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 11 of the European Cricket League 2020. On behalf of me, Momin, and my fellow commentator, Abhinav, goodbye!
9.6 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, final delivery, the batsmen puts on his dancing shoes whilst stepping down the track. Smokes it straight over the bowlers head for a huuuge SIX! Although, too little, too late for SEC!
9.5 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, another shot played towards the mid-wicket region
9.4 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, straighter and fuller, the batsmen plays it down and whilst coming back for the second run, Muhammad gets out!
9.3 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, the bowler erring in length and the batsmen goes over the cow corner for a massive six! Fabulous stuff!
9.2 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, in the block hole and it is a dot ball 
9.1 Ujwal Gadiraju to H Shinwari, slower delivery! the batsmen hits it miles in the air, the fielder on the long-on region makes a meal of it after catching an absolute Jaffa in the previous over
So, that should be the game for the Stallions as SCE now need 48 runs from the last over - an impossible task that can only be achieve in the wildest of dreams.
8.6 Basit Orya to H Shinwari, another straighter delivery in the blockhole, batsmen punches it down for a single
8.5 Basit Orya to H Shinwari, the ball jacking in and hitting the batsmen flush on pads
8.4 Basit Orya to H Shinwari, gets it in the slot and hits it towards the long on region for a SIX!
8.3 Basit Orya to U Farooq, slow and on the fourth stump! Batsmen whips it towards the cow corner powerfully but an EXCELLENT catch from the fielder. Easily the best catch of the day. Catches it inches off the ground and, geez, how has he even managed to hold on to that from that angle. Incredible take!
8.2 Basit Orya to U Farooq, nearly castles the batsmen with a yorker. The batsmen survives for another ball
8.1 Basit Orya to U Farooq, swing and a miss from the batsmen, pitched it on the good length
After the conclusion of 8 overs, SCE are 68/5, needing a further 55 from the last two - a virtually impossible task. 
7.6 Iftikhar Yakoob Ali to H Shinwari, short ball, hits it in a tennis ball fashion but by the time the fielder fields it, the batsmen scamper for a two.
7.5 Iftikhar Yakoob Ali to H Shinwari, pitches it really up and the batsmen couldn't mange the bat on it
7.4 Iftikhar Yakoob Ali to H Shinwari, wide delivery called
7.4 Iftikhar Yakoob Ali to U Farooq, another short delivery, wide outside off, batsmen get a single towards the long-on region
7.3 Iftikhar Yakoob Ali to H Shinwari, plays it straight and runs for a single
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