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Nacka CC 166/3 (10 ov)
Stockholm Tigers 88/3 (10 ov)
Nacka CC won by 78 runs.
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Chasing 167 in 10 overs wasn't easy by any means! STT wanted a flying start from their openers straight away to challenge the opposition score! But, a disciplined bowling display by NAC didn't give them any chance. They tried hitting their shots, but they were cramped by the NAC bowlers with their line and length! Thus, they could end up getting 89 runs in 10 overs and lost the match by 77 runs!
Clinical performance by Nacka CC! They have beaten the Stockholm Tigers by a big margin of 77 runs!
After winning the toss and putting NAC to bat first, it seemed as if STT had made a big error of judgement! It became even more evident as the game progressed, as the STT bowlers failed miserably. The NAC batsmen made them pay heavily for this as they smacked almost each and every delivery for runs! With their power-packed performance, NAC posted an above-par score of 166 runs in 10 overs!
9.6 S Jalali to T Ahmed, comes down the track and he chooses not to play the shot! Looks at the umpire for a wide, but umpire legalizes the delivery! That's the game for NAC!
9.5 S Jalali to T Ahmed, full toss and he drives that towards the offside for a couple of runs.
9.4 S Jalali to F Ahmed, shuffles around the crease and then pulls that towards the man at deep midwicket who puts that down. The fielder fails to pouch a sitter!
9.3 S Jalali to F Ahmed, looks to pull but he misses as the ball hits him on the body.
9.2 S Jalali to T Ahmed, comes down the track and plays it to long off for a single.
9.1 S Jalali to F Ahmed, he hits that down deep midwicket for one
8.5 M Nawaz to T Ahmed, blocked back to the bowler,
8.4 M Nawaz to F Ahmed, hit past the bowler and towards the long off fielder for a single.
8.3 M Nawaz to F Ahmed, FOUR! comes down the track and smashes that past the long-off for four more runs! The bowler tried to reach the ball, but failed to get a hand on it!
8.2 M Nawaz to T Ahmed, bowled outside off. They get one run down to point for a single.
8.1 M Nawaz to F Ahmed, high, loopy full toss. It is pulled towards the midwicket fielder for one.
STT is mathematically out of the game! Needs 91 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 O Rahman to T Ahmed, FOUR! He cuts that for four runs behind the gully region. The fielder tried chasing but gave up soon! Well placed by Ahmed to end the over.
7.5 O Rahman to T Ahmed, played and missed outside the off stump!
7.4 O Rahman to F Ahmed, outside off this time and he drags that towards long on for a single.
7.3 O Rahman to F Ahmed, SIX! shorter again and he pulls that across the line over the square leg boundary for a big six! Finally, the skipper gets a connection for which he was longing for! Gigantic strike to keep this game mathematically alive for one more ball!
7.2 O Rahman to F Ahmed, short-ish and it is pulled towards midwicket. No run on offer.
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