141/8 (20)
UAE won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Waseem Muhammad
That's all we have from the coverage of this contest then. The drama in Group B continues tomorrow with all to play for all four sides. Who will go through from that group? It remains to be seen. For now, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my partner, Pradeep Somashekar. We hope you enjoyed the coverage of this game. Buh-bye for now!
And breathe! The curtain draws on what a topsy turvy campaign for the teams in Group A. Sri Lanka survived an early scare to get over the line, joined by the side they got the better of earlier today. It would have been incredibly harsh on the Dutch to miss out after winning their first two games in the group. They needed a favor from UAE and eventually got it, much to Namibia's disappointment, who only have themselves to blame. So, it's the Netherlands and Sri Lanka who go through into the next round. UAE and Namibia have to book their return flights back home, one side taking back plenty of positives while the other carries their baggage of disappointment with them.
CP Rizwan (Captain, UAE): First of all, I'd like to thank almight Allah. Really grateful for a chance to play in the World Cup. We want to thank the coach, Robin sir and the team management. We had been performing well in patches and it was only a matter of time. All departments clicked today and it's great that we got the win. (Waseem bowling the final over) It was an instinctive decision. Since there was a bit of dew, we wanted to stick with the fast bowler instead of the spinner. He used to bowl a lot of overs in the death and I'm glad he did the job. (What this win will do for UAE)  It will build some momentum for UAE cricket. We want to build on this. We want to show the world that we're here just not to make up numbers but to compete and make an impact.
Gerhard Erasmus (Captain, Namibia): Thought we did well in patches to keep them to 150 but it was much higher than par, all in all quite disappointing to let them get away in the end, the bowling stuck together nicely for us. That's the beauty of tournament cricket, momentum swings either way, couldn't quite get over the line, didn't play well enough in the next two games. Wiese is our experienced players, match winner, plays all around the world, lots of our players have learnt a lot from him he's world class and he took us close out of nowhere, bunch of guys stuck together.
Muhammad Waseem has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what he has to say: It was difficult, I was bowling after a long time, Zahoor's two overs is when we came back on top in the game. The plan was to bowl straight, if they hit they can hit down the ground which was the longer part of it. Last two matches we should've won, prepartion was good, we didn't get over the line, it's a great thing for us to win the first game in a T20 World Cup.
UAE won by 7 runs!

Muhammad Waseem - 50 (41) | Zahoor Khan - 2/20
David Wiese - 55 (36) | Bernard Scholtz - 1/22

David Wiese cannot fathom how Namibia have let this one slip out of their grasp. Neither can the rest of his mates, to be honest, but the veteran all-rounder is an uncosolable figure at the moment. Oh, what this game does to everyone. After defeating Sri Lanka, the Eagles were in the driver's seat to top the group but they've let that chance go by and it's cost them. It's cost them dearly.

Coming into this contest, their task was straightforward. A win would have got them over the line but it was UAE who played party poopers, fighting till the very end to produce a memorable game of cricket. After losing three wickets in the Powerplay, the Namibian innings was stuck in a muddle at 69/7 in the 13th over.

Enter David Wiese. The Superman veteran all-rounder almost singlehandedly got his side over the line for the second time in two years, with enough support from Trumpelmann but their side agonisingly fell short of the chase in the end. In hindsight, the 33 runs Namibia conceded in their last two overs have proved to be the difference but they won't think about that. Despite it, they were so nearly there but it proved to be yet so far.

With Wiese helping the Eagles take flight again at the backend of the innings, CP Rizwan took a gamble and handed Muhammad Waseem the ball and didn't he step up to the plate. Not only did he deliver a decent first over, he held his nerve in the end to close it out with a win in the final over.

It was a complete team effort from the UAE bowlers and it's richly deserved with the way they have performed in this tournament. Karthik Meiyappan, Junaid Siddique and Zahoor Khan were all putting their hands up throughout the tournament and have managed to get their side over the line to give them their first ever victory in T20 World Cup.

The captains will have a bit to say after the rollercoaster of emotions we've just witnessed. Stick around for the presentations.
It's double delight in two corners of this ground but it's the Namibian corner that's crestfallen. Wiese can't hold back his tears in the dugout. Nor can some Dutch fans. They are going through two contrasting emotions though, I assure you that. In the midst of it all, UAE have scripted their own bit of history as they win their first ever match in the T20 World Cup. What a game. What a tournament. 
141 /8 score
cricket bat icon Ruben Trumpelmann *
25 (24)
cricket bat icon Bernard Scholtz
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Waseem Muhammad
1 /16
19.6 Muhammad Waseem to Ruben Trumpelmann, NERVES OF STEEL FROM WASEEM! UAE CREATE HISTORY! Full on the off-stump, Trumpelmann drilled it to long-on for a single as Namibia miss out yet again in a World Cup but UAE have registered their first win in a T20 World Cup, heartbreak for Namibia but UAE are jubilant!
19.5 Muhammad Waseem to Bernard Scholtz, full toss and follows Scholtz, smacked it down to long-on for only a single. If Waseem can land a legal delivery, they create history.
Bernard Scholtz, RHB, comes to the crease
Nerves of steel from Alishan Sharafu. He's playing his first match in this tournament and he's pouched a crucial catch under pressure. A standing ovation for Wiese as he heads back to the dugout, which has a few shell shocked faces at the moment
19.4 Muhammad Waseem to David Wiese, OUT! HOLES OUT AT LONG-ON AND GONE! Wiese doesn't connect and that's the game for UAE mostly. Length delivery on the outside off, in the slot and Wiese has a go but he's not connected, straight down the throat of long-on who takes a blinder but spare a thought for David Wiese. What an innings!
David Wiese c Alishan Sharafu b Muhammad Waseem 55 (36b 3x4 3x6)
10 off 3. Wiese back on strike. Can he do it? Can he find the bounday?
19.3 Muhammad Waseem to Ruben Trumpelmann, length delivery on the middle and leg, Trumpelmann whacked it down to long-on for just a single. Wiese has to find a boundary from somewhere now.
Cross-seamers from Waseem as he takes a short run-up. A single is the ideal result for UAE because it means Wiese is off strike.
19.2 Muhammad Waseem to David Wiese, OH! Nails the yorker on the leg-stump, brilliant from Waseem here, Wiese couldn't connect as he could only squeeze it into the on-side for one.
19.1 Muhammad Waseem to David Wiese, full on the stumps, Wiese drilled it to wide long-on, they hustle back for an easy brace in the end as it was hit in the gap.
Sweeper cover, deep point, deep mid-wicket and long-on are the four fielders outside the circle.
Muhammad Waseem [1.0-0-10-0] is trusted with the responsibility of the final over. He's got 14 runs in the bank.