112/7 (19.5)
NED won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Bas de Leede
So, it's Namibia at the top of the table with the Netherlands behind them while the Asia Cup champions, Sri Lanka languish at the bottom of the table. Plenty of twists, turns and excitement still to come in this tournament but after day one, this one's got all the makings of a classic tournament. Let's hope it stays that way! That brings us to the end of our coverage for this game. This has been Pratyush Rohra, in the company of Pradeep Somashekar. Goodbye for now! 
Well, if you weren't excited about this year's T20 World Cup already, the opening day surely would have changed that notion. It was a delightful doubleheader to kick things off in Group A. 

After failing to win a single game in last year's tournament, the Dutch have got their first points on the board this year, which will be a bit of a relief for the side. As for UAE, they fought till the end and will have a few positives and learnings to take from this game. 
Scott Edwards: It was a special feeling. It was nervy till the end but we're glad to get over the line. We wanted to make the most of the powerplay but also knew it was difficult in the middle. We lost a few wickets when we were looking to launch. It was just about being busy in the middle. We wanted it to finish it soon but it didn't quite happen like that. Glad we still ended up getting over the line. All the guys did their job. Tim, Roelof, they all put their hands up. I'm still struggling to process it (the result) but the main thing is a win to get the tournament underway.
CP Rizwan: We put our heart and soul into it. We could have grabbed our chances, especially mine, which could have made a difference. It's not easy to chase here, we saw that in the last game with Sri Lanka bundled out for around 100. We told the boys we can't give up till the last ball. We fought hard but they held their nerve in the end. It was tricky (the decision to bowl Junaid and Zahoor). We almost got that correct but going into the final over to defend six runs, it was a good effort.
Bas de Leede has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what he has to say: I like bowling in situations, I know the batters are going to come after me, try to be one step ahead of them, we've planned our death overs even before the game, nice to have pulled back at the end. I think in the end it got lot closer than what it should've, I'm happy that with Freddy, we were able to pull back things. (On being asked about whether he's a death bowler or a better) For now, today, I'd say death bowler, hopefully in the future also a batter.
Netherlands won by 3 wickets!

Max O'Dowd - 23 (18) | Bas de Leede - 3/19
Muhammad Waseem - 41 (47) | Junaid Siddique - 3/24

And breathe! There's just something about low-scoring thrillers in T20s, isn't it? UAE were down and out of this contest after the first innings but they fought bravely to push the Dutch to the brink, nearly pulling off a spectacular turnaround but it wasn't to be.

It seemed like the Netherlands would race away to the finish line after the brisk start they had in the Powerplay courtesy of their openers. It was going all too comfortably for them at one stage with the required run rate under 6 but they nearly made a royal mess of it by the end. 

Credit to the UAE side for fighting the way they did. They kept chipping away at regular intervals to ensure they create some pressure, and boy, didn't they do that well. It was the little moments that didn't go their way with a couple of dropped chances and missed runout opportunities. That in the end, made all the difference.

Siddique's sensational over delivered a double whammy and it could have been a triple, had Rizwan held onto the important catch of Pringle. That missed opportunity proved to be mighty costly in the end as Pringle and Edwards helped the Dutch side tip-toe across the finish line in the end.  

There'll be a bit to unravel for the captains. Stick around for the presentations. 
19.5 Zawar Farid to Scott Edwards, THAT'S IT! NETHERLANDS WIN! That'll be a sigh of relief for the Dutch, length deilvery on the outside off, Edwards tapped it to covers and finishes a tight single, that's all they wanted and they get off the mark on the points table.
Rizwan's having a conversation with his bowler, asking him to bowl cross-seamers. The field comes in. All fielders inside the circle.
It's a direct-hit from the deep but it doesn't matter because van Beek was home. Aravind was calling for the throw to come at the keeper's end and it should have been there. The Netherlands know they can't lose this one now. Scores are level!
19.4 Zawar Farid to Scott Edwards, OH! Short delivery into Edwards, swivels and pulls it to deep square-leg, fielder comes in and picks it up, nails the direct-hit but van Beek is well in as they finish a tight brace.
19.3 Zawar Farid to Logan van Beek, OH! Searching for another yorker, comes out as a low full toss and van Beek flicks it to deep backward square for one more.
A direct-hit would have been curtains for Edwards! The captain could have opted to keep strike but he's trusting his partner, who is no mug with the bat. 4 in 4...
19.2 Zawar Farid to Scott Edwards, looking for the yorker, goes full on the off-stump, Edwards drilled it straight to extra-cover, Rizwaan misses the direct-hit here as it would've been curtains for Edwards.
19.1 Zawar Farid to Logan van Beek, full delivery on the off-stump, van Beek drilled it straight back to Farid who should've stopped it, ricochets off his hand to mid-off for a single.
Zawar Farid [2.0-0-18-0] is back into the attack for the final over
Zahoor wants another review but he's not going to get it. He believes that the yorker struck the toe of the batter but that wasn't the case. Nowhere near it even! Regardless, it's a brilliant spell from the medium pacer. He's left 6 runs in the bank for the final over.
106 /7 score
cricket bat icon Scott Edwards
12 (16)
cricket bat icon Logan van Beek *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Zahoor Khan
1 /11
18.6 Zahoor Khan to Logan van Beek, nails the yorker on the off-stump, Edwards jams his bat to it and squirts it around short third-man for one more.
That's a wasteful review, to say the least. Van Beek shuffled a long way across and the impact was well outside the sixth stump line, even. Poor game awareness as UAE burn a review.