121/7 (10)
122/4 (8.2)
Belgium won by 6 wickets
That is all we have from this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekhar take your leave. Join us in the next one and half hours as we bring to you all the live updates from ECC's all-important clash, the finals. Do check Sportskeeda for all the live action from all sports and the latest articles. Toodles for now as we look to catch up with you soon. SEE YA!
Belgium win the match by 6 wickets and advance to the finals

What a match we had at our hands. Belgium did an exceptional job to pull back things in their favour with the ball in hand and now, they pull off a chase of 122 runs with an over and a half to spare. They have now advanced into the finals and will face England XI to have their hands on the silverware.

The start to the powerplay for Belgium wasn't the best in particular as they lost a wicket early. Aziz Mohammad watches out the initial phases and then forged two crucial partnerships with Ali Raza and Saber Zakhil. Mohammad struck a masterful 50 and led the charge of his side and took his team over the line.

Nederlands XI underestimated the Belgian batting lineup and paid the price for it. Ryan Klein picked up 2 wickets and was ably supported by Shariz Ahmed and Clayton Floyd who picked up a wicket each. The wickets were never a problem, but they leaked runs aplenty and now have missed out on the finals berth after a humbling defeat.
8.2 Sebastiaan Braat to Sheikh Sheraz, FOUR! BELGIUM STORM INTO THE FINALS! They are delighted and the dug out is pumped, this is some scenes here, Netherlands XI are knocked out. Short on the outside off as Sheraz on the backfoot cuts that one away and pierces the gap and runs away for another boundary.
8.1 Sebastiaan Braat to Sheikh Sheraz, back of a length into Sheraz on the off-stump as he prods forward and then gently defends it into the off-side.
Belgium need 4 runs in 12 balls. An excellent comeback from Belgium who have been blanked out the tournament favourites. Braat will bowl the last couple of deliveries of this contest
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Ryan Klein
7.6 Ryan Klein to Aziz Mohammad, change of pace, back of a length on the outside off as Aziz on the backfoot looks to run that one down to third-man but gets beaten.
7.5 Ryan Klein to Sheikh Sheraz, full delivery tails into Sheraz on the leg-stump as he hangs back to clip it away but misses, thuds on the pads and they sneak in a leg-bye!
Sheikh Sheraz is the new man in. He will be on strike and will be facing his first delivery
7.4 Ryan Klein to Saber Zakhil, OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Zakhil has done his job and then perishes for a quick fire 21, change of pace, length delivery on the outside off as Zakhil looks to hoick it but top edge's straight up and the short third-man fielder takes an easy catch. Saber Zakhil c Shariz Ahmad b Ryan Klein 21(7) [0x4, 3x6]
7.4 Ryan Klein to Saber Zakhil, WIDE! Short delivery, dug it into the track and goes way over the batters head and Umpire calls that a wide.
7.3 Ryan Klein to Saber Zakhil, SIX! Length delivery on the off-stump as Zakhil gets behind it on the backfoot and then absolutely CLUBBED it way over the long-on fence for another maximum!
7.2 Ryan Klein to Aziz Mohammad, short on the outside off as Aziz on the backfoot looking to pull but mistimes it into the on-side for a single.
7.1 Ryan Klein to Saber Zakhil, nails the yorker on the off-stump and Zakhil drills it down to long-off region and picks up a single and gets Aziz back on strike.
Belgium need 14 runs in 18 balls. Aziz Mohammad has done really well and has almost won the game for his side. If he carries on from here, victory is certain for Belgium
108 /3 score
cricket bat icon Babarkhel Aziz Mohammad
46 (17)
cricket bat icon Saber Zakhil *
14 (4)
cricket ball icon Clayton Floyd
1 /26
6.6 Clayton Floyd to Saber Zakhil, full delivery on the outside off as Zakhil drills it nicely through the extra-cover region for a single.
6.5 Clayton Floyd to Saber Zakhil, SIX MORE! Belgium are on course reaching into the finals here, the Dutch looking absolutely clueless with some lusty hitting from Belgium. Length delivery on the off-stump as Zakhil shuffles across and DISPATCHES it way over the cow corner this one for another maximum!
6.4 Clayton Floyd to Saber Zakhil, SIX! Length delivery on the outside off and Zakhil reverse sweeps and POWERS it way over the deep backward point region for another maximum!
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