99/8 (10)
101/6 (9.1)
NED-XI won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Saqib Zulfiqar
That's it from this exciting final match of the ECC. Stay tuned at Sportskeeda, as this is the duo of Rajarshi and Divyansh, signing off.
Match Summary:

Netherland XI are the ECC Champions.

Netherlands win by 4 wickets.

Netherlands XI: 101/6 (9.1)
Boris Gorlee 32 (18) | Alex Russell 1/11 (1.0)

All that late drama just for Rasool to end the match with a six and 5 balls to spare. Netherlands were always in the game as the required rate never went out of their reach. England will feel they were short around 10 runs in the first innings as they could not defend this low total.

Gorlee and Saqib got a great partnership as they got themselves the required runs in every over. Gorlee was dropped twice as he plays a wonderful 32 run innings to help Netherlands get to the total. They lose both the batters in 2 balls as Klein and Braat come to the crease. Llein starts off with 3 sixes off his first 4 deliveries and changes the tide in just one over. Braat gets 18 runs from 10 balls as their 39 run partnership was the most important one after they were in trouble. Late drama as England get two wickets in two deliveries again, but with just 5 required off the last over, Rasool finished it off in style.

The bowlers did not have the runs to play with, but they bowled their hearts out Rishton, Ghodsal, Russell and Chohan got a wicket each, and the leg spinners put some pressure on the batters for a while. The captain decided to go for a third leg spinner and Chohan's that over changed the game. 

9.1 Jafer Chohan to Shirase Rasool, SIX, THE NETHERLANDS XI ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!! Rasool goes absolutely crazy, the Netherlands XI are jumping in joy, completely ecstatic, bats, helmets fly all over the place as the batters embrace, Rasool imitates a few gun shots in celebrations, the Netherlands XI are all there in the outfield now, scenes of jubilance at the Cartama Oval as they walk back with stumps in their hands and beaming faces! Coming back to the delivery, Jafer Chohan pitched this one up, on leg stump, Rasool got down on one knee and slog swept this one right across the line, the connection was good enough, he started celebrating right away, the entire Netherlands XI dugout followed the ball all the way over the ropes and then broke into a bout of joy!
Everything happened in that over and so much drama as we go to the last over with 5 runs needed. A catch taken on the no ball, a wide ball with a run out which was a really unnecessary run. A catch on the next ball and two new batters on the crease.
95 /5 score
cricket bat icon Ryan Klein
19 (5)
cricket bat icon Shirase Rasool
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Olivier Elenbaas *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Arthur Godsal
1 /17
8.6 Arthur Godsal to Olivier Elenbaas, slower one, a good slower one, and Elenbaas swings all around it!
8.5 Arthur Godsal to Shirase Rasool, bunts this one towards short cover and they hare through for the run
8.4 Arthur Godsal to Shirase Rasool, slower one, and Rasool is completely fooled by that, is ages early into the stroke and misses!
Shirase Rasool, comes to the crease.
8.3 Arthur Godsal to Sebastiaan Braat, OUT, caught! The final dishes out more drama! This was on a shorter length, bowled slow, Braat tries to muscle this over the off-side, doesn't make enough contact, can only hit it as far at the fielder at cover, who takes an easy catch!
Olivier Elenbaas, comes to the crease.
8.3 Arthur Godsal to Ryan Klein, wide, and they rush through for the single....and Klein is run out at the bowler's end! What on earth are they thinking?! This was down the leg side, Braat called him through for the run as the keeper fumbled, Klein was reluctant at first but still went through with the run, Lincoln them rolled it towards the non-striker's, the bowler gathered, broke the wickets and caught him just short!
8.2 Arthur Godsal to Sebastiaan Braat, short and slow, Braat places this one towards long-leg, the fine leg fielder gets to his left and makes the stop
8.2 Arthur Godsal to Ryan Klein, full toss, Klein has been caught at deep mid-wicket but the umpires have called a no ball! Drama, what drama! Free hit coming up!!!
8.1 Arthur Godsal to Sebastiaan Braat, smashes this one away towards deep mid-wicket, just a single
Braat starts off with a lucky boundary off the edge, gets another boundary and a scintillating six down the ground to take them closer to this total. Just 11 required from 12 balls.
89 /4 score
cricket bat icon Sebastiaan Braat *
16 (7)
cricket bat icon Ryan Klein
18 (4)
cricket ball icon Andy Rishton
1 /22
7.6 Andy Rishton to Sebastiaan Braat, right in the blockhole, Braat squeezes this to fine leg off the inside edge
7.5 Andy Rishton to Sebastiaan Braat, SIX, Braat moves across to his off-stump, meets this ball on the volley, and thumps this aerially right down the ground, poses for the cameras and watches this one sail over the ropes at long-on!
7.4 Andy Rishton to Sebastiaan Braat, another slower one, Braat is early into his cover drive and misses out