86/4 (10)
87/3 (8.2)
Nicosia Tigers CC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Zeeshan Mehamood
That is all that was written for this contest with the pendulum behaving in quite a fickle manner and swinging from one end to the other for a good part of this game. In the end, the result indicates a rather one-sided victory for the Tigers though and they will be keen on completing the double over the Black Caps in the reverse fixture beginning in less than an hour from now. It has been a pleasure bringing the coverage of this contest to you - thank you so much for tuning into the same and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Do switch tabs and keep yourselves updated with all the other cricketing news and action right here on Sportskeeda. For now though, on behalf of my good friend and fellow textpert Bala, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha humbly reminding you again to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Goodbye and take care!
I don't think you could ever witness a more lopsided innings than that folks! What with the score reading 10/3 at the end of the second over, who could have possibly anticipated a marauding assault on the bowlers from the Tigers! The Tigers have roared and how!

Setting out in pursuit of 87, it was a wretched nightmare that the Tigers had to endure early on with Sakhawat Hossain and Iftekar Jaman prized out in the second over by Hardeep Singh, who was breathing fire in the Powerplay. And if that wasn't enough, a faulty second run attempted by Jahid Hassan saw him fall short of his ground to leave his side in doldrums.

All eyes were firmly on Roman Mazumder then with the right-hander holding the key to the run chase. And while he did bring out a couple of extravagant hits, it was Mehmood Zeeshan who took charge of the chase with an array of barnstorming blows that even put Hardeep under the pump. So much so that the man who bowled a near-perfect over earlier on ended up gifting hit me balls to the opposition and weren't they accepted with glee or what!

In a matter of a couple of overs, Mazumder and Zeeshan put the Tigers ahead of the 8-ball and seemed intent on wrapping up the game at the earliest. With even Umar Farooq not having a clue as to how to bring the carnage to a halt, it was always a foregone conclusion as far as the result was concerned and with Zeeshan sealing things off with a boundary and notching up a belligerent half-century in the process, the icing couldn't have felt any tastier for the Tigers who have managed to register their first points on the board.

When the one man who had something to show in the wickets column conceded runs at a rate of 15 to the over, it paints a picture of its own, doesn't it? And that was exactly the scenario with the Black Caps bowlers as despite a superlative beginning from Hardeep Singh, just about everybody took a pasting. Tejwinder Singh and Resham Singh did send down a few decent overs between them, but it was never going to be enough given the menacing mood that Zeeshan and Mazumder were in, resulting in a poor beginning to the tournament for the Black Caps, who also didn't have a par score to play with.
AND THERE IT IS! Fifty for Mehmood Zeeshan off just 26 deliveries! What a blistering counter-attack it has been from the keeper-bat who has completely sent the Black Caps bowlers into submission and as a result, the Nicosia Tigers CC get on the board with a 7-wicket win as well as 10 deliveries to spare!
8.2 Kulwinder Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, FOUR! That's a victory for the Tigers and a FIFTY for Zeeshan! Short ball outside the off-stump. Cuts it over the fielder at backward point and finds the boundary
8.1 Kulwinder Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, good length ball outside the off-stump. Zeeshan has a go at it but gets beaten
Kulwinder Singh comes into the attack. He will bowl over the wicket.
The inevitable has been delayed and we move into the penultimate over of the contest (at least from the scorecard's perspective). Zeeshan has another opportunity now to seal the deal having retained the strike.
83 /3 score
cricket bat icon Roman Mazumder
22 (16)
cricket bat icon Zeeshan Mehamood *
46 (24)
cricket ball icon Resham Singh
0 /6
7.6 Resham Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, low full toss outside the off-stump. Blunts it to covers and takes a single
7.5 Resham Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, short of a length delivery angling into the batter. Hits him on the thigh pad
7.4 Resham Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, comes down the track and has a swing at it. But the ball beats the outside edge with the late movement
7.3 Resham Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, short of a length delivery outside off. Zeeshan has a swing at it but makes no contact
Onto 45 now is Mehmood Zeeshan! Can he seal this contest with a big hit and get to his fifty in the process?
7.2 Resham Singh to Mehmood Zeeshan, FOUR! That's easy pickings! Low full toss angling into the leg-stump. Glances it fine past the fielder in the circle. They are just five runs away from the victory now
7.1 Resham Singh to Roman Mazumder, full ball angling into off and middle. Mazumder shuffles across and clips it to deep mid-wicket for a single
Resham Singh comes into the attack. He will bowl over the wicket.
Get ready for what could well be the final over of this run chase folks. Zeeshan could well have his eyes on a half-century as well and for a side that failed to hit the ground running in their first two games, this has been a sparkling turnaround from the Nicosia Tigers CC!
77 /3 score
cricket bat icon Roman Mazumder *
21 (15)
cricket bat icon Zeeshan Mehamood
41 (19)
cricket ball icon Umar Farooq-I
0 /21
6.6 Umar Farooq to Roman Mazumder, slower ball full on the off-stump. Plays it with soft hands to mid-wicket and takes a single to keep the strike
6.5 Umar Farooq to Mehmood Zeeshan, short of a length delivery tucking him up for room. Zeeshan clips it off his hips and takes a single
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