Odisha 132/9 (20 ov)
Tamil Nadu 136/2 (15.1 ov)
Tamil Nadu won by 8 wickets
That's all from this match! Do switch tabs to follow other cricketing action from around the world. I have been Ankit Sharma, along with Pratyush Rohra, taking your leave! 
Odisha on the other hand, haven't managed to win an encounter so far. Their team lacks the experience, which is shown on the field. Not one player taking responsibility of batting deep or talking to the team members while fielding. They are looking vulnerable and their performance shows it out in the middle. Hopefully, the team management can point out their mistakes and overcome them in the remaining fixtures to win a few points and not end the season without a win.   
The damage though, was done by then, and Shahrukh Khan just made sure there are no further hiccups in the chase. Partnered with Arun Karthik, who got a promotion today, they saw off the innings with easy and comfort, getting some big sixes under their name. TN riding high on confidence after another dominant victory, will be confident to make it through the group, and will be looking to do as group winners.  
Nishanth and Jagadeesan started off well, dictating terms in their own way, and reached their 50 partnership in no time. They were all set to bat through the innings again, but Nishanth gave his wicket away playing against the spin. Runs kept flowing though, as Jagadeesan reached his half century, going after all the bowlers and dispatching the ball for boundaries and sixes. In an attempt to chase the target quickly, he too gave away his wicket rather cheaply.
An overall performance by Tamil Nadu yet again to make it 3 wins out off 3 games. Their team is looking well settled. Top order getting the runs, bowlers getting the wickets, along with bowling economic overs. Tamil Nadu are in a good place, sitting atop the table, confident of making it through to the quarters. 
Just the one ball is all it takes for Arun Karthik to make sure there aren't any further delays in winning the game. Tamil Nadu won the match by 8 wickets. 
Over: 16 | Summary: 4 Bowler: Ankitkar Jaiswal Score: 136/2
15.1 Ankitkar Jaiswal to Arun Karthick, FOUR! Arun finishes off things in style! It's a good length delivery on the stumps, Arun moves away again to give himself room and free his arm to dismiss this one down the ground for a boundary!

Tamil Nadu win by 8 wickets!
Ankitkar Jaiswal, back into the attack.
Shahrukh Khan is in a hurry here, goes big again, this time on the on side. Scores level now after just 15 overs for Tamil Nadu. Just a single needed to win now. 
Over: 15 | Summary: 0 1 1 1 6 0 Bowler: Ankit Yadav Score: 132/2
14.6 Ankit Yadav to Shahrukh Khan, short delivery again, Shahrukh goes for another big hit but only gets a bottom edge to the keeper.
14.5 Ankit Yadav to Shahrukh Khan, SIX! CRUNCHED! In the slot delivery, Khan steps back and heaves it over mid-wicket for a huge hit which goes 20 rows back! What a hit!
14.4 Ankit Yadav to Arun Karthick, short delivery, Karthick steps down but can only help it towards square leg for a run.
14.3 Ankit Yadav to Shahrukh Khan, good length delivery, Shahrukh tries to heave it on the leg side but can't time it and it's an easy single towards midwicket.
14.2 Ankit Yadav to Arun Karthick, full delivery, tucked away towards mid-wicket to get a single.
14.1 Ankit Yadav to Arun Karthick, good length on off stump, defended calmly by Karthick towards the off side.
Shahrukh Khan has gone long, a massive hit for a six that has gone miles in the air and has carried a long way into the stands, followed by a perfectly timed shot to cover drive for a four. TN need 10 runs off 36 deliveries. 
Over: 14 | Summary: 1 0 0 0 6 4 Bowler: Papu Roy Score: 123/2
13.6 Pappu Roy to Shahrukh Khan, FOUR! Good batting this by Shahrukh who was ready for a fuller delivery outside off to smash it over the infield for a boundary to the end over!
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