Oeiras CC 134/1 (10 ov)
Alvalade CC 110/7 (10 ov)
Oeiras CC won by 24 runs.
Paulo Buccimazza spun the game away as Oeiras CC beat Alvalde CC by 24 runs!

That brings us to the end of the exciting contest between Oeiras CC and Alvalde CC. Coming into the chase, AACC were off to a decent start as the batsmen scored at close to 10 runs an over. They lost their first wicket in the third over of the game. What followed was some amazing hitting from Parveen Singh and Rao Imran. They took the bowlers for a toll and threw their bats at everything. At one stage they were 75/1 and the duo threatened to take the game away from the OCC. 

What followed was a tremendous comeback from the OCC bowling unit. They bowled tight lines and did not let the batsmen go big but they had to because the RRR was scaling up at a good rate. The AACC lost 5 wickets for just 16 runs and that is where they lost the game. Although, Rao Imran scored at a strike rate of close to 200 but that wasn't enough to take the game away from the OCC. He scored 57 runs of just 23 deliveries smacking 3 fours and 6 mammoth sixes. He fought well but in vain. Paulo Buccimazza was the pick of the bowlers as he finished his spell of two overs with the figures of 3 runs and 4 wickets giving away runs at economy of just 1.5 and took the game away from Alvalde CC.

That is it from us here at Sportskeeda, Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game. Do join us for the games coming up as we try to bring ball by ball updates. Till then, this is Manoj Sarma signing off on behalf of my partner Nikhil Kulkarni. Stay Safe!
9.6 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, banged in short and Rao has pulled it over the deep fine leg boundary for another maximum. What an innings this has been from Rao but unfortunately that's not enough to win this match. He ends up with 57 runs off 25 balls!
9.5 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, full-length ball, Rao stands in his crease and smokes it over the long off boundary. That was a huge hit! He is smacking things all over the park but Alas! This knock isn't enough to seal the game for his team. 
9.4 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, full-length ball, Rao goes for a wild swing and misses.
9.3 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, short ball on middle and leg, Rao sways away, he is not interested to play that one.
9.2 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, full-length ball outside off, Rao slashes hard at it and the ball has disappeared over the deep point boundary. He is hanging around and is scoring at a stunning rate. Top stuff from him.
9.1 Conrad Greenshields to Rao Imran, full-length ball, Rao smashes it to cow-corner and calls for a second, the non-striker sacrifices his wicket as the ball comes steaming at the bowler's end. Falling like a pack of cards now are the batsmen.
End of the penultimate over of the game and Alvalde CC are 91/6.

Two quick wickets in that over and OCC are now inches away from victory. Brilliant display of cricket here.
8.6 Paulo Buccimazza to Arslan Nawaaz, flighted delivery on the stumps, Arslan plays early at it, tries to swing hard but misses. The stumps are clattered and Paulo's excellent spell comes to an end. That is his third wicket and the bowler is all smiles. 
8.5 Paulo Buccimazza to Lovepreet Singh, length ball outside off, tries to smash it to the legside but gets a glove to it and the keeper takes the catch. Another one bites the dust and OCC are elated.
8.4 Paulo Buccimazza to Rao Imran, full-length ball, tries to heave it but gets a top edge to mid-wicket and the fielder ends up dropping an easy catch.
8.3 Paulo Buccimazza to Rao Imran, full-length ball, Rao hammers it hard but the ball goes straight in the hands of the long on fielder and he decides against a single.
8.2 Paulo Buccimazza to Lovepreet Singh, short and wide outside off, cuts it to point for a single.
8.1 Paulo Buccimazza to Lovepreet Singh, length ball on the legstump, tries to nudge it away but misses.
End of the eighth over of the game and AACC are 89/4. Need 46 runs in 12 balls at 23RPO.

That has been a very expensive over as Rao Imran smokes two balls out of the park. 
7.6 Krut Patel to Rao Imran, SIX! Another one! Full-length ball on the off-stump, Rao waits for it and clobbers it over the long-on boundary again. That was a mighty hit! HAMMERED! 
7.5 Krut Patel to Rao Imran, SIX! This time Rao connects, marginally fuller outside off and Rao has smoked it over the long on boundary. That has disappeared in the stands. Quicker one on the off stump and the batsman flat bats that one for a MONSTROUS SIX. Reducing the margin of loss here
7.4 Krut Patel to Rao Imran, length ball outside off, Rao tries to heave it to the legside but fails to connect.
7.3 Krut Patel to Lovepreet Singh, full-length ball, moves across and swings hard to deep mid-wicket but will get only a single.
7.2 Krut Patel to Amir Das, full-length ball angling into the batsman, bowled it wide of the crease. The batsman blindly swings at it but fails to connect and the stumps are clattered. RATTLED! Tries to play across the line and misses the ball. AACC have lost 3 wickets in the span of 8 balls scoring just 2 runs.
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