60/9 (10)
63/7 (7)
GOR won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Arslan Naseem
Gorkha 11 beat Oeiras by 3 wickets!

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Towards the end, Gorkha batters were going the glory shot and lost their wickets to finish the game off. However, Alam fearless struck a boundary to get Gorkha across the line and win this first match of the tournament for Gorkha! 
The innings took another turn as the introduction of spin did the trick for Oeiras as Ranjit managed to Imran back to the hut. Other set batter Saddam was sent back to the hut by him as well but till then, the damage was already done.
They lost 3 wickets in the powerplay overs and it made it clear that Gorkha won't be chasing this total down swiftly. Imran Khan batting at other end for Gorkha was the one who looked stable and kept the score moving for Gorkha.
Coming into chase 61 Gorkha, did not have the greatest of starts as well. They lost a couple of wickets in the first over and with that Oeiras with the ball were on top and had their tails up. Oeiras skipper made some great decisions with field placings which worked.
Ranjit had a great day out in the middle with the ball as he manages to get 4 wickets in his spell. It looked like Gorkha would lose the plot as they lost a couple of wickets in that over however, Alam the new man in plays fearlessly and manages to find the boundary to seal the game. 
63 /7 score
cricket bat icon Parveen Singh jr
9 (8)
cricket bat icon Arslan Naseem
1 (2)
cricket bat icon Absar Alam *
4 (1)
cricket ball icon Ranjit Narayan
4 /17
6.6 Ranjit Narayan to Absar Alam, PRESSURE? WHAT PRESSURE SAYS ABSAR ALAM! Short delivery down the leg-side, Absar pulls it past short fine-leg for a boundary. Gorkha 11 seal a three-wicket victory over Oeiras CC with that shot
Absar Alam, RHB comes to the crease next. He will be facing strike!

Well well, Arslan goes for the glory shot and misses out badly! Gorkha is still 2 runs away from winning the contest. Oeiras need to get 3 more wickets!
6.5 Ranjit Narayan to Arslan Naseem, ANOTHER WICKET!! Full outside-off, Naseem looks to slog but he drags it onto the stumps. 
6.4 Ranjit Narayan to Parveen Singh, full and sliding down leg, Parveen glances it to short fine-leg for a single. Just two runs needed now!!
6.3 Ranjit Narayan to Arslan Naseem, length delivery, Naseem guides it to backward point for a single
6.2 Ranjit Narayan to Madhukar Thapa, full delivery, Madhukar looks to slog but he inside-edges it onto the stumps. WICKET!!
6.1 Ranjit Narayan to Parveen Singh, full outside-off, Parveen drives it to long-off for a single. Down to just 4 runs needed now!!
Ranjit Narayan comes back to bowl his send and final over!
56 /5 score
cricket bat icon Parveen Singh jr *
7 (6)
cricket bat icon Madhukar Thapa
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Shayaddur Rahman
0 /11
Madhukar Thapa, RHB comes to the crease next!

Gorkha are just 5 runs away from a win here. It looks highly unlikely that their batters might just lose the game from this stage. Oeiras batting surely has a lot of thinking to do going forward.
5.6 Shayaddur Rahman to Parveen Singh, full outside-off, Parveen drives it to deep extra-cover for a single
5.5 Shayaddur Rahman to Parveen Singh, length delivery outside-off, Parveen looks to guide it to third-man but he misses it
5.4 Shayaddur Rahman to Madhukar Thapa, short delivery, Madhukar pulls it to deep square-leg for a single