Zurich Crickets CC 78/8 (10 ov)
Olten CC 81/4 (7.2 ov)
Olten CC won by 6 wickets
Olten CC have won the match by 6 wickets!

Zurich Crickets had a good chance to win this one and put forth a blueprint on how to defeat the seemingly 'undefeatable' Olten CC but they will indeed rue the missed opportunities. They dropped 4 catches in the field and one has to give credit to their bowlers for creating those chances. Yasotharan Thirnavukarasu took advantage of the dropped catches and scored a mammoth 37 runs from just 19 balls. P. Varothayan too chipped in with an unbeaten 30 of 18 balls to secure the win for Olten after an initial scare! Santhirasekeram starred for the Crickets with figures of 2/13 and was the only bowler whose economy was less than 11.

With this Olten CC continue their unbeaten run while the Zurich Crickets end this tournament having lost all their games. Do join us for the fourth match of the day as Cossonay CC take on the hosts St. Gallen CC. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Dwijesh Reddy signing off. Stay safe!
7.2 D Pariuag to P Varothayan, SIX! WHAT A WAY TO FINISH THE INNINGS! Another short ball but this time Varothayan is ready for it and smashes it over the deep mid-wicket boundary for his second six! End of a brilliant chase by Olten, who inflict another loss upon the Crickets!
7.1 D Pariuag to P Varothayan, dot ball, short and outside off from Dayn, beats Varothayan's pull shot! 
Olten CC are 75/4 at the end of 7 overs. They are just one hit away from securing victory.
6.6 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, Varo is late on the pull but does manage to get some bat on it. Scampers for a single!
6.6 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, WIDE! He will have to bowl that one again!
6.5 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, dot ball! Great ball by Ahmadi.
6.4 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, SIX! Varothayan pulls a short ball over mid-wicket for a handsome six! Poor bowling by Ahmadi!
6.3 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, FOUR! Varothayan hits it fiercely towards the leg-side. The fielder has a try at it but misses, and the ball trickles away for four.
6.2 N Ahmadi to Y Thirnavukarasu, FINALLY, BALJIT HOLDS ON TO ONE! The sunglasses does the trick as he had to cover some ground to take a good catch at long-off. End of a sparkling knock from Yaso!
6.1 N Ahmadi to P Varothayan, Varothayan looks to smash a low full-toss out of the ground but doesn't get the elevation. Falls agonisingly short of the fielder.
Olten CC are 62/3 at the end of 6 overs. Just 17 runs needed now from 4 overs.
5.6 G Santhirasekaran to Y Thirnavukarasu, SHORT AND PUNISHED! You cannot bowl short at that pace to Yaso, who gets on top of it and dismisses it to the leg-side boundary for four!
5.5 G Santhirasekaran to P Varothayan, length ball on off-stump, Varothayan plays it late towards off-side for a single!
5.4 G Santhirasekaran to P Varothayan, GS beats the bat with a peach! Full outside off and Varothayan has no clue!
5.3 G Santhirasekaran to Y Thirnavukarasu, low full-toss on middle, Yaso hits it straight down the ground for a single!
5.2 G Santhirasekaran to Y Thirnavukarasu, dot ball, bowled straight on to the stump and Yaso can only block it! Brilliant yorker!
5.1 G Santhirasekaran to Y Thirnavukarasu, FOURTH LIFE FOR YASO! Yaso is riding his luck as he tries to heave another short ball but cannot get the distance. A valiant effort from the fielder but goes in vain.
Olten CC are 54/3 at the end of 5 overs. They need 25 runs of 5 overs now.
4.6 A Zahir to P Varothayan, another dot ball to end the over!
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