Zurich Nomads CC 110/7 (10 ov)
Olten CC 91/10 (9.3 ov)
Zurich Nomads CC won by 19 runs.
With that, Sportskeeda's coverage of the St Gallen T10 Cricket League comes to a close. We hope it was an absolute pleasure for you just like it was for us. Stay tuned in to the other leagues we are covering and catch some exciting cricketing action. On behalf of me, Momin Butt, my co-commentator Shashwat Kumar, and the rest of the Sportskeeda commentary team, ciao ciao!
It's done and dusted and Zurich Nomads have won the inaugural edition of the Dream11 European Cricket Series by 19 runs! A remarkable turn-around in the dying moments of the match. OTC were always in the driving seat. With 27 runs required off 18 deliveries and 6 wickets intact, not many would have predicted that the Nomads would stage a comeback from there. 

Olten CC got off a steady start and were 28/1 after the conclusion of 2nd over. The middle-order revived the innings for the OTC side. But it was Malyar Stanikzai, the youngster, whose breathtaking strokeplay brought them within touching distance of the target. All hopes fell apart and all dreams shattered, however, in the third-last over of the innings that brought 3 wickets for ZNCC at the price of a single run. From then on, it all went downhill in a mere flash.

The Nomads richly deserve this victory for some sensational ground-fielding and catching, lidded with exceptional bowling under crunch moments. They are the champions of the first edition of Dream11 ECS!
9.3 Hassan Ahmad to Shathees Thanasegaram, OUT! In the slot and asking to be hit beyond the alps. But, Shathees is not the greatest batsman ever and he takes an agricultural hoick at it, which pings off the lower half of his bat. The ball goes high up in the air and the entire ground waits with bated breath. And, just as the ball comes down with a bit of rain, it is pouched by the fielder on the leg side fence. Delirium for the Nomads! Despair for Olten CC!
9.2 Hassan Ahmad to Shathees Thanasegaram, length outside off and a wild swish and a miss.
9.1 Hassan Ahmad to Shane Charles, rank long hop outside off and sliced to point for a single. Should have been smacked to Basel.
What was looking like a stroll towards glory hardly 10 minutes ago has now turned into an abysmal nightmare for OTC. 22 runs required off the last over with just one wicket remaining in the bank. Can Charles do a Braithwaite here?
8.6 Azeem Nazir to Shathees Thanasegaram, quicker this time and a swing and a miss.
8.6 Azeem Nazir to Shathees Thanasegaram, looooooooooooooppppppyyyyy delivery outside off that hits the edge of the pitch and is called a No Ball.
8.5 Azeem Nazir to Shathees Thanasegaram, length delivery outside off and carved into the off side for a brace.
8.4 Azeem Nazir to Shane Charles, full and driven down the ground for a single.
8.3 Azeem Nazir to Tharanitharan Thanabalasingham, OUT! Loopy delivery outside off and the batsman swings himself off his feet. In fact, he throws his bat away to square leg and then loses his balance too. Good lord. The keeper whips off the bails and the batsman is livid with himself. He gives the umpire a 'Singham' look but he has to go. That's how the cookie crumbles.
8.2 Azeem Nazir to Shathees Thanasegaram, full and dragged into the leg side for one.
8.1 Azeem Nazir to Ali Nayyer, OUT! Loopy delivery outside off and and Ali Nayyer has played on, has he? Yes, he has. The skipper has to go! And, the Nomads have gone absolutely mental.
Remarkable over for ZNCC, three wickets off it and just one run conceded! A major turn around courtesy some acrobatic fielding from the Nomads. OTC require 26 off 12 balls now with 3 wickets in hand. 
7.6 Faheem Nazir to Gowreesan Navaretnarasa, OUT! Angled into the batsman and helped beside the pitch. He then hares down the track for a a single and is sold down the river by his skipper. Unconventional method to take out the stumps by the keeper but he gets the job done.
7.5 Faheem Nazir to Ali Nayyer, back of a length outside off and dabbed into the off side for one.
7.4 Faheem Nazir to Muhammad Kamaran, OUT! The tide is turning, folks! Length delivery outside off and Kamaran hits it straight down the throat of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Faheem Nazir, you beauty!
7.3 Faheem Nazir to Muhammad Kamaran, back of a length delivery outside off and a swing and a miss.
7.2 Faheem Nazir to Malyar Stanikzai, OUT! O good lord! Full delivery at the pads and Malyar in MS Dhoni-esque fashion, brings out the helicopter shot. He nearly gets it over the fence but Hassan dives at full stretch and pulls off an absolute screamer! Wow! If that were to win the title, it would be well worth it! Could well be the fate-twister in this final.
7.1 Faheem Nazir to Malyar Stanikzai, yorker outside off and played straight back to the bowler.
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