Oporto Cricket Club 84/4 (10 ov)
Miranda Dragons 74/4 (10 ov)
Oporto Cricket Club won by 10 runs.
Player of the match: John Zinkus
Oporto Cricket Club win by 10 runs!

This brings us to the end of this game from the ECS T10 Portugal between Oporto Cricket Club and Miranda Dragons. For all the latest scores and updates from the world of sports, Sportskeeda is your destination. This is Abhinav Kumar and alongside me, my colleague, Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off for now. Thank you for joining us, goodbye and stay safe!
A supremely disappointing batting effort from Miranda Dragons, as they stumble to finish at 74/4 after the end of 10 overs and that hands the Oporto Cricket Club a 10-run victory!

The batting scorecard for Miranda Dragons doesn't make for pretty reading, with Krishan Kumar being the top-scorer in the innings, scoring 18 from 10 balls, while Asif Ataur scratched and pottered around for 17 off 18 balls. Md Omar Faruk also struggled immensely and scored 11 from 17 balls, while towards the end, Abdul Mohshin got 12* from 7 balls. Apart from them, there wasn't much else in the batting.

The Oporto Cricket Club bowlers did an outstanding job, with Suraj Peshavaria delivering a stunning spell, where he had figures of 1/5 from his 2 overs, which really jammed the scoring rates for Miranda Dragons. His effort was backed up quite well by Raghu Raman, who had 1/15 in his 2 overs and Patrick Butcher, whose figures were 1/19 from 2 overs. Junaid Khan at the start put a good deal of pressure and ended his spell quite well too, with figures of 0/9 in 2 overs to show, while John Zinkus took some pounding from the batsmen and had 0/21 from 2 overs to show.

Miranda Dragons never looked in the chase from the start and Oporto Cricket Club have deserved this win.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1W 0 2 6 2 0 Bowler: John Zinkus Score: 74/4
9.6 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, steps out to a length delivery on leg-stump, swipes across the line but ends up getting beaten! THAT IS THAT! Oporto CC defend successfully as they beat the Miranda Dragons by 10 runs! 
9.5 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, HE CAN'T! THIS IS THE GAME! Full outside off, drilled along the covers and into the deep as they run back for the second; not to be today either for Miranda Dragons!
9.4 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, SIX! THERE'S ONE! Short around off, smothers a pull way over square leg for a maximum! Can he pull out two more such hits?
9.3 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, back of a length outside off, slashed through backward point and into the deep as third man picks up; three sixes to tie now!
9.2 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, on a length outside off, swings and misses! This is slipping away now from the Dragons!
Another wicket falls and that should be curtains for the Miranda Dragons and their hopes to win the game, as Ataur has been run out and Miranda Dragons are 63/4 after 9.1 overs.

Greg Bullock is the new batsman at the crease.
9.1 John Zinkus to Abdul Mohshin, RUN OUT! ASIF IS RUN OUT! Right into the blockhole on leg-stump, gives himself room and swings it off the toe-end towards mid-wicket; they charge back for the second run before Asif falls well short of his crease!
An outstanding over under pressure from Raghu Raman, where he concedes only 6 runs and takes a precious wicket and after 9 overs, Miranda Dragons are 63/3 and need 22 runs from the last over to win.

John Zinkus has the responsibility to bowl the final over of the game.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 0 W 1w 1 1 2 Bowler: Raghu Raman Score: 63/3
8.6 Raghu Raman to Asif Ataur, opens the face to a length delivery outside off and guides it along the third man region; the fielder stops the ball on the chase as Asif comes back for the second run!
8.5 Raghu Raman to Abdul Mohshin, steps out to a full one around off, drills it along the ground towards long off for another single. These won't hurt Oporto!
8.4 Raghu Raman to Asif Ataur, worked off the pads towards fine leg for a single
8.4 Raghu Raman to Asif Ataur, WIDE! Too wide, has to reload that!
Just when the Miranda Dragons didn't want to lose a wicket, Raghu Raman has intervened and sent Krishan Kumar back to the dugout, after the fielder took the simplest of catches and Miranda Dragons are really under the cosh here at 58/3.

Abdul Mohshin is the new batsman now.
8.3 Raghu Raman to Krishan Kumar, OUT! HUGE MOMENT IN THE GAME! Full outside off, swung very high over long on who keeps his eyes on the ball and pouches it with ease! Another priceless dot ball as well for Oporto!
8.2 Raghu Raman to Krishan Kumar, gives the charge to a full length delivery outside leg, swings over the leg-side but fails to get bat on ball!
8.1 Raghu Raman to Asif Ataur, full and at the stumps, swipes around the corner and hits it straight to short fine leg. A few yards either way and it was a boundary for sure!
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