Pak I Care 88/10 (10 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC 91/1 (8 ov)
Badalona Shaheen CC won by 9 wickets
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Badalona Shaheen win the match by 9 wickets.

Competitive with the ball comprehensive with the bat. Badalona Shaheen CC now looked to have regain their form. Chasing 89 runs, the start was important for them and so did the openers do as Hamza Saleem and Kuldeep Lal made sure that their side got off to a really good start. They finished their powerplay on 29/0 after 3 overs, which mind you is a  very modest total. Kuldeep Lal and Saleem them took the risk on and bashed every bowler for plenty in each of their overs. Kuldeep Lal fell while looking to plummel another six, but in came Captain Babar Khan and sealed the deal for BSCC as they won the match with 12 balls to spare.

Pak I Care CC had a really undermining show with the ball in hand. Adeel Shafqat was the only bowler to have picked up a wicket as none of the other bowlers could produce a chance to get the other batsmen. Their bowling unit will look to regroup and work a bit more on their stratergies and processes during the match 
7.6 M. Babar to B. Khan, SIX! Fuller length and Khan has SMOKED that one over the cow corner to win the game for Badalona Shaheen!

BSCC beat PIC by 9 wickets!
7.5 M. Babar to B. Khan, angled in at the legs and yorker length as Khan defends another one back to the bowler
7.4 M. Babar to B. Khan, no room on offer there as Khan defends the fuller delivery back to the bowler
7.3 M. Babar to B. Khan, SIX MORE! in the arc for Khan and he has CLOBBERED that one between mid wicket and long on for the second maximum in the row!
7.2 M. Babar to B. Khan, SIX! Fuller one angled at the legs and Khan clears his front leg first and then clears the ropes over the cow corner with a SMASHING hit!
7.1 M. Babar to H. Saleem, fuller delivery at the legs as Saleem does well to dig it out towards mid on for the single
S.Ali finishes his spell with figures of 0/15 after 2 overs. Bowled really tight lines and lengths there, but had a rather unwanted end to a really good spell. BSCC are on 72/1 after 7 overs and need 17 runs in 18 balls
6.6 S. Ali to B. Khan, FOUR! darted in straight at the legs as Khan clobbers it back straight down the line for the boundary! Plays it straight past the bowler there, gets his timing right there and the ball runs down the ground for a boundary to end the over
6.5 S. Ali to H. Saleem, shorter one this time and Saleem pulls it down to deep mid wicket for the single
6.4 S. Ali to B. Khan, fuller one outside off as Khan smashes it down to the long off fielder for a single
6.3 S. Ali to H. Saleem, slower one outside off as Saleem defends it towards the off side with a deft touch and takes off for the single
6.2 S. Ali to B. Khan, short and wide outside off as Khan goes on the back foot and whacks that to the deep cover for one
6.1 S. Ali to H. Saleem, quicker one at the stumps as Saleem waits for it and punches it to point for the single
Kuldeep Lal departs after a good partnership with Saleem there, but does enough damage before being dismissed there. BSCC are on 63/1 after 6 overs and need 26 runs in 24 balls
5.6 A. Shafqat to H. Saleem, slower one angling into the batsman as he carefully plays it towards the leg side to keep strike
5.5 A. Shafqat to B. Khan, wrong un from the bowler as Khan stands back and runs it down to long on for the single to get off the mark
5.4 A. Shafqat to K. Lal, BOWLED HIM! Slower one that stays low and Lal misses out on the sweep and the stumps are shaken there! First wicket down for BSH! Looked to play the sweep shot there, misses it and the ball goes on to crash the stumps.
5.3 A. Shafqat to K. Lal, SIX! Flighted delivery on the leg stump as Lal makes great use of his feet and CLOBBERS that one over long on! Lal comes dancing down the track there, connects it fine and it travels all the way over the ropes for a maximum
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