94/9 (10)
88/8 (10)
PNL won by 6 runs.
Player of the match: Taranjit Singh
Thank you so much for tuning in to what turned out to be one exciting match in this tournament. This is Sooryanarayan Sesha and myself (Pranav Danani) who will be taking your leave. If you are wondering what next, then Sportskeeda has got you covered with some exciting matches as we have the West Indies locking horns with the mighty, England in the day four of the ongoing test match in the Caribbean. Stay Tuned.
Talk about drama and talk about an entertaining match! This is some absolute drama and what seemed like the match the batters were going to win with some absolute ease just became the match that the Punjab Lions have won out of nowhere! The match that will give them the happy smiles when they talk about it in the future for sure and the batters have been outplayed in the very last bit of this match.

It all started with 2 early wickets for the bowlers which looked like the end of the batting attack and a comfortable win for Punjab Lions, but it was the middle order batters who turned the entire game in a few overs hitting those big runs and getting the team to a place where they just needed 28 off 20 deliveries. The batters had the wickets in hand and it looked like they were winning this one with a lot of time to spare for celebrations.

Little did they know that things were about to turn around, as the batters were dismissed with the bad run out calls and the catches which slowed down the batters by a big margin and ultimately got the bowlers the win they were looking for in the last over drama.

Punjab Lions Nicosia beat Pak I Care Badalona by 6 runs
88 /8 score
cricket bat icon Atif Muhammad
7 (2)
cricket bat icon Adeel Shafqat *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Taranjit Singh
2 /16
9.6 Taranjit Singh to Adeel Shafqat, MISSES! THE LIONS HAVE DONE IT! Look at them roar in ecstasy! Pak I Care's juggernaut has been halted at least for the moment and the Lions are absolutely cock-a-hoop! Short of a length and slanting away well outside off, Adeel does what he has to and goes hard after it as he stands tall. He fails to connect though and that's enough to send the Lions fielders into a frenzy! Punjab Lions Nicosia win by 6 runs and seal a berth in the final!
9.5 Taranjit Singh to Asad Abbas, OUT! CAUGHT ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT! Good length delivery just outside the line of off, Asad stands tall and powers it down the ground. He gets a lot of height but not enough distance as long off lunges forward and pulls off a juggling act to cling on. GOLDEN BALL ANYONE?
9.4 Taranjit Singh to Atif Muhammad, short of a length delivery around off, Atif backs away and clogs it across the line, only for the ball to evade the keeper as it takes the top-edge. The batters manage to run a single though as it rolls past the keeper's left.
9.3 Taranjit Singh to Atif Muhammad, SIX! ATIF MUHAMMAD YOU BEAUTY! Length delivery outside off, he backs away and crashes it with all might to launch this one way back over extra cover for a crucial maximum!
9.2 Taranjit Singh to Asad Abbas, fuller at the stumps this time, Asad drags it across the line for a single through mid-wicket.
The run outs are coming like there is no tomorrow and a chase able target looks like a continent away at the moment.
9.1 Taranjit Singh to Shehroz Ahmed, TOP EDGED! AND DROPPED! AND A RUN OUT! It's all happening out there! Short outside off, Shehroz stands tall and clogs it off the top-edge with deep mid-wicket charging towards it with a sprint. He fails to pouch it on the run but Shehroz is sold down the river by his partner! The skipper wants the strike and is well out of his crease but Asad is unmoved - the bowler then collects the ball and does the rest with Shehroz giving his partner a mouthful on his way back!

Majid Hanifrun out (Chamal Sadun/Roman Mazumder) 7 (4b 1x4 0x6)
Taranjit Singh, 1-0-8-1, to bowl the last over.

Fasten your seat belts! This is an entertaining one! 16 required off 6!
79 /6 score
cricket bat icon Shehroz Ahmed
2 (6)
cricket bat icon Asad Abbas *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Sushil Kumar
0 /16
8.6 Sushil Kumar to Asad Abbas, BEATEN! Short and well outside off, Asad reaches out and slashes hard but the only thing he can slash is thin air! 16 needed off the last over!
Asad Abbas, RHB, is the new batter in.

Some absolute drama and a one sided match has become one of the most entertaining matches in this tournament!
8.5 Sushil Kumar to Majid Hanif, RUN OUT! HANIF IS SHORT OF HIS GROUND! All sorts of drama here - it was a full one outside off, Hanif sits low and powers it up and over extra cover. The man in the deep settles and pouches it on the juggle but ends up celebrating as he forgets that it was a free hit. The batters sense the opportunity to turn back for the second but that brings about Hanif's downfall as his bat gets stuck into the turf just short of his crease. Enough for the keeper to whips the bails off and send him packing!

Majid Hanif run out (Chamal Sadun/Roman Mazumder) 7 (4b 1x4 0x6)
8.5 Sushil Kumar to Shehroz Ahmed, NO BALL! Short in length and in the corridor, Shehroz backs away and gets a top-edge on his pull but the umpire has his right arm outstreched with the bowler overstepping. On the bounce to backward point as the batters cross over.
8.5 Sushil Kumar to Shehroz Ahmed, WIDE! Lands a fuller one outside the tramline as it slants away. Left alone and Sushil has to reload!
8.4 Sushil Kumar to Shehroz Ahmed, AND AGAIN! Pressure telling on Pak I Care! Short in length outside off, zero footwork though from Shehroz who stands tall and has a wild heave across the line. He fails to get bat on ball again though!
8.3 Sushil Kumar to Shehroz Ahmed, BEATEN! Back-to-back dots! Pulls his length back well outside off again, Shehroz goes after it with a wild hack across the line but fails to get wood on it.
8.2 Sushil Kumar to Shehroz Ahmed, WELL BOWLED! Keeps it away from the batter's reach and lands it right inside the tramline, poor judgement from Shehroz as he shoulders arms expecting a wide but it just goes straight on.