Cividate 89/4 (10 ov)
Pak Lions Ghedi 77/7 (10 ov)
Cividate won by 12 runs.
Player of the match: Kuljinder Singh
Cividate win by 12 runs!

This brings us to the end of this game in the ECS T10 Brescia between Cividate and Pak Lions Ghedi. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest scores and updates from the world of sports. This is Abhinav Kumar, and my colleague, Bala, signing off for now. Thank you for joining us on our coverage. Goodbye and stay safe everyone!
What a stunning comeback win for Cividate, who somehow have managed to restrict Pak Lions Ghedi to just 77/7 in their 10 overs and win the game by 12 runs!

Pak Lions Ghedi would be especially disappointed with the result, considering the rollicking start they got, where they were at 53/1 after 5 overs and then proceeded to lose their way in spectacular fashion to lose this game. Haseeb Abdul and Mudassar Riaz were the only batsmen for Pak Lions Ghedi who really did anything substantial with the willow, with Abdul getting a quickfire 28 from just 14 balls at the top, while his opening partner Riaz getting 27 from 20 balls. After them, not one batsman stood up to take charge of the chase and just kept coming and going like passing thoughts.

The Cividate bowlers were in top form, with Kuljinder Singh being the wrecker-in-chief, with stunning figures of 4/10 in his 2 overs and he got great support from Dara Shikoh, who bowled really tightly to register superb figures of just 1/6 from 2 overs, while Muhammad Arslan also bowled well in his second over to end up with 1/15 in 2 overs. Usman Javaid also came back quite well in his second over to end up with 0/14 in 2 overs, while Ramzan Shabbir was the only bowler to get pumped around the park, with his figures of 0/26 in 2 overs suggestive of that.

Pak Lions Ghedi will be kicking themselves for the shambolic manner of their collapse and Cividate would be celebrating on the other hand, to a stunning comeback.
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 0 1 6 1 0 Bowler: Ramzan Shabbir Score: 77/7
9.6 Ramzan Shabbir to Sheraz Khan, low full toss on off and middle, defends it on the off-side towards cover
9.5 Ramzan Shabbir to Ehtasham Safdar, short of a length angling in, goes for the pull but miscues it straight up in the air. It goes straight back to the bowler but he spills the dolly
9.4 Ramzan Shabbir to Ehtasham Safdar, SIX! In the slot this time, he clears the front leg and goes big over long-on. Gets it right off the middle of the bat and the ball sails away
9.3 Ramzan Shabbir to Sheraz Khan, gets some bat on it but it is horribly timed and the ball goes no further than mid-off
9.2 Ramzan Shabbir to Sheraz Khan, short of a length on top of the stumps, swings wildly but gets no connection once again
9.1 Ramzan Shabbir to Sheraz Khan, good length ball, pitches marginally outside off and nips away, he backs away and gets beaten with the movement
Superb clutch over from Arslan, who concedes just 4 runs from it and 2 wickets also fall in it, with Pak Lions Ghedi being 69/7 after 9 overs. They need to score another 21 runs from the final over, which looks close to impossible.

Ramzan Shabbir will bowl the final over of the match.
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1W 1 W 1 1 Bowler: Muhammad Arslan Score: 69/7
8.6 Muhammad Arslan to Sheraz Khan, slower ball right upto the batsman outside the off-stump, jabs it out down to long-on for a single
8.5 Muhammad Arslan to Ehtasham Safdar, length ball outside the off-stump, drags it down the ground to the fielder at long-on
Pak Lions Ghedi are almost down and out of the game now, with Shueb Khan also following his peers back into the dugout and Pak Lions Ghedi are 67/7 after 8.4 overs.

Ehtesham Safdar is the new batsman at the crease.
8.4 Muhammad Arslan to Shueb Khan, OUT! Full at the base of the leg-stump, he swings wildly across the line but gets his leg-stump knocked back
8.3 Muhammad Arslan to Sheraz Khan, backs away making plenty of room, has to stretch himself to reach the ball in the end, slaps it through the off-side to sweeper cover
What suicidal running there from the batsmen and that's seen Pak Lions Ghedi lose yet another wicket, with Nadeem Faisal run out.

Shueb Khan is the new batsman at the crease.
8.2 Muhammad Arslan to Sheraz Khan, short and wide of the off-stump, slaps it aerially to the fielder at sweeper cover. They try to go through for a suicidal second run and Faisal finds himself short of the ground
8.1 Muhammad Arslan to Sheraz Khan, length ball on the sixth stump channel, moves the front leg away and swings hard but gets beaten
A successful over from Dara Shikoh, who gets a wicket and concedes 7 runs, with 4 of those from a bye and after 8 overs, Pak Lions Ghedi are 65/5 and need another 25 runs to win in 2 overs.

Muhammad Arslan returns to the attack to bowl the critical 9th over of the innings.
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