JIB won by 70 runs.
Player of the match: Faheem Nazir
Jinnah Brescia - 158/1 in 10 overs (Faheem Nazir 68* off 27 balls, Asad Imran 1/22 in 2 overs) beat Pak Lions Ghedi - 88/7 in 10 overs (Jawad Mohammad 21 off 15 balls) by 70 runs. 

It was almost certain before the innings began that Pak Lions Ghedi will not be able to get to the target, but the interesting thing to see was whether they could get a significant score on the board. Well on that front, they have been decent. They did not get to a 100, but 88 runs scored did help them with their net run rate, all be it that they lost 7 wickets in the process. The bowling from Jinnah Brescia was good on the whole, getting all areas well covered. 

So that is all that we have for you from this tournament for today, do join us again tomorrow for the coverage from JCC Brescia Cricket. For now, this is the pair of Maanas and Bidipto, saying good bye! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Ahmed Rukhsar
9.6 Rukhsar Ahmed to Adnan Mahmood, length ball outside off, keeps a touch low as Mahmood fails to adjust and finds the ball sneaking in past to the keeper from under the bat. Comprehensive, clinical. Describe it any way you want but it is a massive win for Jinnah Brescia as they humble PLG by 80 runs!
9.5 Rukhsar Ahmed to Adnan Mahmood, length ball on the fourth stump line, Adnan plays that out towards point. No run on offer there!
Adnan Mahmood, RHB, is at the crease. 
9.4 Rukhsar Ahmed to Tabassum Riaz, OUT! BOWLED! A breakthrough for Ahmed! Length ball on the fourth stump line, Riaz looks to heave it away but end sup playing in the wrong line. The ball clips the top of off stump and Ahmed snares his first!

Tabassum Riaz b Rukhsar Ahmed 0 (4)
9.3 Rukhsar Ahmed to Tabassum Riaz, short of a length and outside off, Riaz has a swipe at that but to no avail. 
9.2 Rukhsar Ahmed to Tabassum Riaz, length ball outside off, Riaz goes for the wild hoick across the line but fails to connect. 
9.1 Rukhsar Ahmed to Waqar Ashraf, short of a length ball on the fourth stump line, Ashraf under-edges that back onto the track. The ball rolls down to long on as the batters take a single. 
Rukhsar Ahmed [1.0-0-16-0] is back to bowl.

Last over coming up now! Let's see how many can the batting side get in it! 
87 /6 score
cricket bat icon Waqar Ashraf
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Tabassum Riaz *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Ghulam Farid
2 /17
8.6 Ghulam Farid to Tabassum Riaz, length ball outside off, Riaz slaps that but straight to the fielder at cover. No run on offer there!
Tabassum Riaz, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.5 Ghulam Farid to Riaz Mudassar, OUT! BOWLED! Knocks him over! Full, fiery and straight! Right into the blockhole and on the middle stump line, Mudassar swings across the line but fails to get any bat on it. The stumps are uprooted and Mudassar has to walk back!

Riaz Mudassar b Ghulam Farid 14 (4) (2x6)
8.4 Ghulam Farid to Waqar Ashraf, back of a length ball outside off, Ashraf punches that square of the wicket on the off side and jogs across for a single as the sweeper cleans up. 
Waqar Ashraf, RHB, is at the crease. 
8.3 Ghulam Farid to Jawad Muhammad, OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Full, fiery and outside off, Mohammad swings hard at that. Just gets a little outside edge and the keeper pouches a regulation catch!

Jawad Mohammad c Nisar Ahmed b Ghulam Farid 21 (15) (3x4, 1x6)
8.2 Ghulam Farid to Jawad Mohammad, SIX! BOOM! An off-cutter and on the fourth stump line, Mohammad gets his front foot out of the way and absolutely muscles that over the mid-wicket region for a huge maximum!
8.1 Ghulam Farid to Jawad Mohammad, into the blockhole and outside off, Mohammad looks to dig that out but to no avail. 
Riaz Mudassar comes out and smashes a couple of sixes and Pak Lions Ghedi reach 80 in 8 overs. Can they get another 20 in the remaining 2? Well if they can, it will do their net run rate a world of good.