Pakistan CC 83/10 (9.3 ov)
Salzburg CC 87/4 (8 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 6 wickets
Salzburg CC win this match by 6 wickets and 2 overs to spare!!!

A comprehensive victory for Salzburg CC at the end as they manage to chase this total down comfortably!!! For Salzburg CC batters Nisar Ahmed and Abrar Bilal take their side off to a flying start as they manage to get the opening stand of 29 runs in just under 2 overs before Nisar Ahmed was dismissed for 12 runs in 5 balls. Later Abrar Bilal to the charge and scored 30 runs in 20 balls and made sure that his side could win the game for sure!! 

After Bilal's dismissal, the onus to score the runs was taken up by Liaqat Muhammad who managed to score an unbeaten 23 runs in 13 balls he faced and managed to take Salzburg CC to the win!!! For Pakistan CC they needed early wickets which they failed to do so and to add on to it they conceded 11 runs extras which surely didn't help their cause!!!

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the Pakistan CC and Salzburg CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
7.6 Sikander Hayat to Liaqat Muhammad, FOUR! Liaqat finishes off in style as he pulls a short ball towards the vacant square leg region for a boundary! With that Salzburg CC beats Pakistan CC by six wickets and with two overs to spare!
7.5 Sikander Hayat to Liaqat Muhammad, similar shot once again but straight to the fielder at point!
7.4 Sikander Hayat to Liaqat Muhammad, short ball outside off, Liaqat plays a cut shot past the man at point and gets a double! Scores level here!
7.3 Sikander Hayat to Mirza Ahsan, Mirza cuts a short ball into the pads which in turn ricochets into the off-side for another single. SAL now not being hasty and pick it off in singles here!!!
7.2 Sikander Hayat to Liaqat Muhammad, another single taken with a push to the leg-side! Another single and win for SAL are just a boundary away!!
7.1 Sikander Hayat to Mirza Ahsan, length ball on leg-stump, LBW appeal turned down by the umpire as the batsmen steal a leg-bye! Now down to 5 runs!!!
7.1 Sikander Hayat to Mirza Ahsan, wide ball to start the over as it is bowled down the leg. Six more to win for the batting side!
At the end of the 7th over SAL is 77/4. Another wicket lost in the over in the form of Klair and the equation now down to just 7 runs in 18 balls!! PAKCC needs a miracle here to have a chance to win this one!!
6.6 Shadnan Khan to Liaqat Muhammad, short ball outside off, Liaqat pulls it to deep square leg where the fielder stops it with his foot. Double taken!
6.5 Shadnan Khan to Mirza Ahsan, full ball on leg-stump, Mirza pushes it to the point fielder for a quick single. There was another run on offer but the striker says no!
6.4 Shadnan Khan to Klair Kailash, WICKET! Good length ball outside off, Klair plays a nothing shot to the off-side and manages to get a edge but straight to the keeper! Fourth one down for Salzburg!
6.4 Shadnan Khan to Klair Kailash, wide ball from Shadnan, who is having a poor outing here!
6.3 Shadnan Khan to Klair Kailash, FOUR! Shadnan angles a length ball into the batsman, who gets a thin edge past the keeper for another boundary past him! We are in for a quick finish! Only 11 runs needed now!!!
6.2 Shadnan Khan to Liaqat Muhammad, full ball on off-stump, Liaqat gets a thick outside edge towards the fielder at third-man for just a single
6.1 Shadnan Khan to Liaqat Muhammad, FOUR! A rubbish ball from Shadnan bowled short and on leg-stump, Liaqat turns it past the short fine-leg fielder for a boundary! And that brings the equation down to 16 runs for SAL!!
At the end of the 6th over SAL is 64/3. Bilal plays a wonderful inning but unfortunately could not stay on till the end as he loses his wicket in this over by scoring 30 runs!! SAL now needs 20 runs in 24 balls at 5 RPO!!
5.6 Jaweed Sadran to Klair Kailash, full ball angled into the leg stump, Kailash bunts it to the cover fielder for no runs!
5.5 Jaweed Sadran to Abrar Bilal, WICKET! Bilal looks to end this chase in a hurry but ends up offering an easy catch to Arif as the third wicket falls for SAL!
5.4 Jaweed Sadran to Abrar Bilal, full ball outside off, hint of swing as well, Bilal tries to drive it but fails to get bat on ball!
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