154/5 (20)
156/2 (17.5)
Scotland won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: George Munsey
Scotland wins this match by 8 wickets.

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In the end, the duo of Calum and Richard got Scotland across the line without much drama. PNG bowlers just could do it with the ball as Scotland just looked too clinical with their performance.
For Scotland, the job was yet to be done and it was the likes of Calum and Richard who found the boundaries and kept adding the ones and twos to keep the required run rate in check. PNG bowlers were just not able to trouble the Scotland batters and build pressure.
It was Munsey who carried on the hitting and kept the required run rate under control. Harris was out in the middle but had to retire himself as he continued to struggle with the shoulder injury. Munsey scored his half-century and lost his wicket just after that.
Coming in to chase 154 runs, Scotland had a great start with the bat as well. Their openers Munsey and Kyle found the boundaries and scored at almost 10 runs per over. However, Kyle could not hang around for long and lost his wicket.
Well, a comprehensive victory for Scotland in the end. Richard was the aggressor while Calum anchored the innings beautifully and helped Scotland chase down 154 runs on this slowish track.
17.5 Charles Amini to Richard Berrington , SIX TO WIN IT! Tossed up delivery, straight on the stumps for the right hander. Berrington has looked solid throughout his innings, and this is not the ball to bowl to him. Berrington is in no mood to delay the formalities, as he gets under it and launches this hard and long over the bowler and over the fence. He finish the game in style, and Scotland win by 8 wickets! 
17.4 Charles Amini to Calum MacLeod , full on the off stump again. It's a slower one this time, as Calum prods it down to long on for another single. 
17.3 Charles Amini to Richard Berrington , quicker one this time, outside off stump. Berrington smacks it hard, but only picks one towards long on. Win just a maximum away from Scotland!
17.2 Charles Amini to Calum MacLeod , full on the middle and leg, tickled down to mid wicket region for a quick single. 
17.1 Charles Amini to Calum MacLeod , FOUR BYES! Tossed up delivery, stays wide and low. Calum misses his sweep shot, but the keeper fails to stop the ball as well. Ball gushes behind to fence untouched. Down to just 8 runs needed now!
Charles Amini comes on to bowl the 18th over
Just 12 runs needed now for Scotland to win this contest from the remaining three overs. PNG still have a lot to learn and develop themselves in the sport of cricket.
143 /2 score
cricket bat icon Oliver Hairs
15 (10)
cricket bat icon Richie Berrington
34 (26)
cricket bat icon Calum MacLeod *
25 (25)
cricket ball icon Nosaina Pokana
0 /15
16.6 Nosaina Pokana to Calum MacLeod , short of a good length delivery, on the off stump. Calum yet again pulls it away towards short fine leg region for a single to end the over. 
16.5 Nosaina Pokana to Calum MacLeod , fuller this time, on the pads, flicked away with soft hands, down between deep fine leg and deep square leg. Two runs taken. 
16.4 Nosaina Pokana to Richard Berrington , shortish ball again, swinging away just a little. Berrington sticks to the pull shot, and picks up a single towards deep square leg. 
16.3 Nosaina Pokana to Calum MacLeod , good length delivery, on the legs this time. Calum paddles it away to deep square leg region for a single. 
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