Qualifier, Perth Stadium
151/8 (20)
154/3 (18.3)
PS won by 7 wickets
Playing XI
And that ends another game in this BBL season. Three more engrossing games to go and we will know who will hold the trophy aloft next Saturday here at Perth Stadium. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for our continued coverage of it all and so much more cricketing action over the next few days. For the moment though, this is the duo of Sooryanarayanan Sesha and Divyansh Manchandia signing off. Take care and see you around soon!
The Scorchers surge into another final and it's their skipper who leads the way in style. What a team they are and they're doubly tough to defeat at home. It's going to be a hard task for whoever gets to the summit clash but that's for another day. It could well be the Sixers themselves, who will now travel back home and await the winner of tomorrow's Knockout clash between the Melbourne Renegades and the Brisbane Heat.
Who else but Ashton Turner for the Player of the Match. Here's what he has to say: It's satisfying to be able to get over the line. Since the final last year, we wanted to be ready for any opponent any year. But we have it at the back of our minds that we could face the Sixers again. Nice to get a bit of time now and hopefully we go again here (in the final). We know the wicket can sometimes be tricky with the new ball. Sean Abbott swung the ball beautifully, Ben Dwarshuis as well. The ball swung around nicely and they got some big wickets. But we still wanted to be positive. If you go into a shell the game can pass by pretty quickly. Some team first cricket and whenever you're positive, you can chase down a total like we've done this year. We need to be prepared for every scenario, whether it is coming here again on Thursday or traveling to Sydney. Our preparation's been really fluid. We know these conditions really well, we've been able to play half our home games here this year. We've had some off games here as well but we know our blueprint. Confidence is a big thing. You've got to cash in and run with it. I've been fortunate to have some great guys at the top of the order and then Aaron Hardie and Josh Inglis have been outstanding. Guys like myself and Nick Hobson, we've missed out on opportunities in the tournament but it always means we're doing well as a team.
Match Summary-

Perth Scorchers won by 7 wickets.

Ashton Turner 84* (47) | David Payne 3/33 (4.0)
Moises Henriques 58 (43) | Sean Abbott 3/25 (4.0)

A Scorching win for them as they get into their 8th BBL Final. Their captain, Turner has produced a match winning performance and got his best score in t20s. 

Him alongside Bancroft, who got to his half century with the winning boundary rescued their team from 22/3 at the end of 4 overs and with a 132 run partnership they have won the game for them. 

The Sixers were on top of the game but for just the first 4 overs, with Abbott in attack who got all the 3 wickets in his first two overs. After that it was a Turner-Bancroft show. A well paced partnership between the two and a masterclass chase. 

None of the other bowlers had any answer to them, and with 15 boundaries and a six between them they have chased it down.
18.3 Ben Dwarshuis to Cameron Bancroft, FOUR! Fifty for Bancroft and he seals another spot in the final for the Scorchers! What a team they are - they just find a way with utmost professionalism and they will return to this very venue to host the summit clash. Very full around the off stump and Bancroft jams it out straight of mid-on who has to give the chase. He puts in a dive as it hits the ropes but either way, it wouldn't have mattered with Bancroft having enough time to return for the second. Perth Scorchers win by 7 wickets and march into their eighth BBL final! The Sixers will now head back home and await the winner of the Renegades-Heat contest!
18.2 Ben Dwarshuis to Cameron Bancroft, OOH! Banged in short as he follows the batter backing away from his stumps. Bancroft looks to swat a fine pull but can't connect with the tennis ball bounce on this
18.1 Ben Dwarshuis to Cameron Bancroft, back of a length delivery on off stump. Bancroft backs away to manufacture room but can only ride it to cover point
Ben Dwarshius (3.0-0-25-0) is back into the attack.
Bancroft is on the strike and he is just 1 run away from his half century. The Scorchers are just 2 runs away from the victory. 
150 /3 score
cricket bat icon Cameron Bancroft *
49 (42)
cricket bat icon Ashton Turner
84 (47)
cricket ball icon Izharulhaq Naveed
0 /32
17.6 Izharulhaq Naveed to Cameron Bancroft, back of a length delivery again but outside leg stump this time. Bancroft hops across the line of it and whips his nudge to deep backward square leg for one
17.5 Izharulhaq Naveed to Ashton Turner, back of a length delivery outside the off stump. Turner opens the face and dabs it to short third man for a single
17.4 Izharulhaq Naveed to Ashton Turner, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Follows the batter making room as Turner punches the ball into the covers for a brace into the deep
Turner just showing Bancroft how to connect a reverse sweep.
17.3 Izharulhaq Naveed to Ashton Turner, FOUR! That's how it's done! Flighted full on leg stump and Turner sits low to bring out a controlled reverse-sweep along the carpet. Places it square of short third man and there's no stopping that one. Just one big hit away now!
17.2 Izharulhaq Naveed to Cameron Bancroft, width on a back of a length radar. Bancroft makes room and cuts behind point for a single into the deep
17.1 Izharulhaq Naveed to Cameron Bancroft, WELL WELL! Flighted back of a length delivery outside leg stump as Bancroft premeditates a reverse-hit. Ends up adjusting late and just manages to reverse-swat it to the bowler's left
Izharulhaq Naveed (3.0-0-23-0) is back into the attack.
They have used the Surge to perfection and got over the run rate. Just 11 runs required now, and 3 overs to go. They can almost taste the victory.