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Royal Parma Cricket Club 103/4 (10 ov)
Pianoro 86/8 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 17 runs.
Player of the match: Harkamal Singh-2
So. that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Soorya Sesha. Do join Sportskeeda's coverage of the final between Royal Parma and Kings XI in just over an hour's time. 
Royal Parma have sealed an amazing win here. Pianoro fall short by 17 runs after restricting the opponents to what seemed like an under-par 103/4. Deependra Singh Shekhawat gave Royal Parma the best possible start by dismissing the dangerous duo of Charles Fernando and Anam Mollik. Waleed Rana looked to keep Pianoro in the hunt with a 13-ball 20 but he was dismissed by the same man, Deependra Singh in the fourth over. Soon, Nicolo Fernando also walked back to the pavilion following an unnecessary run-out to leave Pianoro crumbling at 41/5 after 5.2 overs. The duo of Arslan Rana and Farhan Shafique stitched a hopeful 41-run partnership with the help of a few edged boundaries but Rajmani Singh put Royal Parma in a strong position to leave 26 runs to be defended off the last over. Royal Parma gave away four byes off the first delivery but Ram Jaspal came back hard and took three wickets in the over in order to take his side to the final against Kings XI
Over: 10 | Summary: 4b W W 4 W 0 Bowler: Jaspal Ram Score: 86/8
9.6 Jaspal Ram to Muhammad Abubakkar, fullish length around off, pushed back towards the bowler who throws his arms aloft in jubilation! The Royal Parma players celebrate a successful defence! What a performance they've turned in to win by 17 runs! It is Kings XI CC versus Royal Parma CC in the final of the ECS T10 Bologna!
9.5 Jaspal Ram to Hammad Amjad, OUT! WHAT A GRAB! HARKAMAL SINGH AGAIN! Amjad slogs high over long off but Harkamal keeps his eyes on the ball and leaps in front of the ropes to hold on to a stunner! Fabulous commitment even when the game is in the bag!
9.4 Jaspal Ram to Hammad Amjad, FOUR! Thick edge as Amjad swipes at a length ball in the channel, flies through the third man region into the fence! Too little, too late though!
Pianoro are staring at a disappointing defeat here. They require 22 runs off 3 balls.
9.3 Jaspal Ram to Arslan Rana, OUT! ANOTHER ONE! Slashes a back of a length delivery over the top and picks out the fielder running in from long off! The skipper's struggle finally ends - he departs and takes Pianoro's hopes of making the final with him!
Fantastic comeback from Jaspal Ram. Short delivery and it just rushed Farhan Shafique into a top-edged shot.
9.2 Jaspal Ram to Farhan Shafique, OUT! The keeper makes amends! Back of a length outside off, Shafique slashes hard over the top but skies it behind square on the off-side where the keeper runs across and takes a sitter!
9.1 Jaspal Ram to Farhan Shafique, FOUR BYES! LUCKY RUNS FOR PIANORO! Full on fifth stump, Rana swings wildly over the leg-side and misses; goes through between the keeper's legs into the fence!
Whoa! Farhan Shafique has denied a single to get on strike. Ram Jaspal to bowl it. Pianoro require 26 off six balls
Over: 9 | Summary: 4 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Rajmani Singh Score: 78/5
8.6 Rajmani Singh to Arslan Rana, on a length on off, pulled towards long on. Shafique turns down the single! Well well! Another dot to round off a top-class over from Rajmani! Pianoro require 26 off the final over to make the final!
This has been a masterclass in death bowling from Rajmani Singh. 
8.5 Rajmani Singh to Arslan Rana, ANOTHER DOT! Rajmani is bowling Royal Parma into the final here! It was a hit-me ball in the channel though, in the slot and Rana seems to be muddled as he swings over the off-side but again fails to make contact!
8.4 Rajmani Singh to Arslan Rana, EXCELLENT BOWLING! Fired into a hard length, chin music from Rajmani as it whizzes past the batsman's head on the attempted pull!
Brilliant dipping slower balls here. Arslan Rana has no clue about these deliveries
8.3 Rajmani Singh to Arslan Rana, right into the blockhole in the channel, Rana fails to get his bat down on time as the ball zooms past him through to the keepr
8.2 Rajmani Singh to Arslan Rana, OOH NEARLY BOWLED HIM! Slower delivery on off, full in length as Rana clears his front leg and has an almighty heave over the leg-side, the ball just lobs over the off-stump!
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