56/8 (10)
57/3 (7.2)
UCC won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Mustafa Nawab
This has been Navjeevan and myself (Rishab) as we sign off then. More T10 action coming your way and do stay tuned to catch some exciting cricket further in the day!
Right then, United complete a convincing win as they get over the line with seven wickets to spare then. They did well with the ball to restrict Plzen to just 56 runs first up and it wasn't going to be long before they knocked the runs down. They did lose a few wickets but it did not matter as they weren't chasing too many. An all-round and a clinical display by them with both bat and ball once again this. 

Plzen once again did not have enough runs on the board as their batters struggled to get runs on the board. It was never going to be enough and they failed to defend the total. Lots for them to think upon if they are to win a game from here. They need to improve their batting and have a lot of work to do. 

United will be confident with another fine win and this performance will boost their spirits for they have performed well as a unit. They have one more game to come for the day and will look to make it another win with a similar display. 
That is that then! United get the job done comfortably in the end with around three overs to spare. A good performance with the bat to back up that excellent show with the ball early on. Another win that will boost their confidence. Poor from Plzen as they lost yet another game!
7.2 Saleem Khan to Piyushsingh Baghel, WINNING RUN!! Full and outside off, Baghel drives that towards covers and takes a single to get his side across to a comfortable win
7.1 Saleem Khan to Ghanshyam Kumar, SCORES ARE TIED!! Full and on the stumps, Kumar turns it towards mid-wicket for one
Saleem Khan comes into the attack
A successful over from Kapil Kumar this. Too little too late though as United are just a hit away from getting the job done now. 2 runs is all they need with three more overs to come!
55 /3 score
cricket bat icon Piyushsingh Baghel *
21 (22)
cricket bat icon Ghanshyam Kumar
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Kapil Kumar
1 /12
6.6 Kapil Kumar to Piyushsingh Baghel, on the length and outside off, Baghel tries to cut that away but misses
6.5 Kapil Kumar to Piyushsingh Baghel, full and on the stumps, Baghel defends it back to the bowler
6.4 Kapil Kumar to Ghanshyam Kumar, on the length and outside off, Kumar slashes that to point and scampers through for one
Ghanshyam Kumar, RHB, comes to the crease
6.3 Kapil Kumar to Ayush Sharma, HIGH IN THE AIR AND TAKEN!! On the length and outside off, Ayush tries to flat bat this but slices it high in the air towards long-on. The sweeper comes running and gobbles it
Ayush Sharma c D Shetti b Kapil Kumar 15 (11b, 1x4, 1x6)
6.2 Kapil Kumar to Piyushsingh Baghel, full and angling down, Baghel sweeps this down to fine leg for one
6.1 Kapil Kumar to Piyushsingh Baghel, on the length and outside off, Baghel dabs that to deep point for two. Just four runs needed for United to win now!
Kapil Kumar comes back into the attack
The six to add to the extras and it has been an expensive over from Guru Singh. United are just a hit or two away from wrapping this up now and it has been another game where they have chased well. A clinical performance all-round this!
51 /2 score
cricket bat icon Piyushsingh Baghel
18 (18)
cricket bat icon Ayush Sharma *
15 (10)
cricket ball icon Guru Singh
0 /13
5.6 Guru Singh to Ayush Sharma, FIRST MAXIMUM OF THE GAME!! Full and on the stumps, Ayush lifts that away over long-on for a six runs!
5.5 Guru Singh to Piyushsingh Baghel, full and outside off, Baghel pushes that towards mid-off for one