United CC 67/9 (10 ov)
Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Andrew Sim
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Prague Barbarians Vandals beat United CC by 8 wickets

This has been a complete performance from the Vandals as they have aced in all three departments out in the middle and have done well to score runs with the bat in hand and also pick up wickets with the ball in hand. They were also exceptional out in the field as they took the crucial catches and also ensured that they didn't concede many runs.

The chase wasn't a smooth ride for the vandals as they lost Sabawoon Davizi and Yashwantha Salian inside the powerplay. Out came Diyendra Singh and Sahil Grover and the two batsmen joined hands together and forged a match-winning 56 runs stand for the 3rd wicket as they scored the timely boundaries, ran hard between the wickets, and kept the run rate in check as they took their side home comfortably with 9 deliveries to spare.

The bowling performance from United CC was not quite up to the mark as the opposition saw them out after the initial powerplay overs. Pramod  Bagauly was the only wicket-taker as he bowled inside the powerplay and took 2 quick wickets denting the opposition early on
8.3 Neelesh Pandit to Divyendra Singh, THERE IT IS! A length delivery outside off is steered behind point past the inner ring for a comfortable victory in the end. They did get off to a shaky start but how good have these two been today! Prague Barbarians Vandals win by 8 wickets with 9 deliveries to spare!
8.2 Neelesh Pandit to Sahil Grover, NEARLY A COLLISION! Full outside off, Grover creams it over cover point and the fielders in the ring nearly have a nasty collision before making a meal of the opportunity for a catch
8.1 Neelesh Pandit to Divyendra Singh, angling in on a length on off-stump, pulled on the up over mid-wicket where there is protection near the ropes
A six to finish to the over and now Prague Barbarians will only need 3 runs for a win. They have been clinical with the ball and the bat on hand as the batsmen have done well to restrict the opposition and also score the runs at a healthy pace.

Neelesh Pandit to bowl the last few deliveries of the chase
65 /2 score
cricket ball icon Piyushsingh Baghel
7.6 Piyushsingh Baghel to Sahil Grover, SIX! THIS SHOULD BE THE GAME! In the slot and Grover swings high and launches it way back over the mid-wicket fence! Just three needed now!
7.5 Piyushsingh Baghel to Divyendra Singh, HOW DID HE FLUFF THAT? GOODNESS ME! On a length on off, Divyendra has an almighty heave across the line as he top-edges a pull; short third man tries to hold on but he fluffs it after multiple attempts as he parries it over his head; how did that happen?
7.4 Piyushsingh Baghel to Sahil Grover, corrects his length to a slightly fuller one but gives enough width again as Grover chops it to the man at point before crossing over
7.3 Piyushsingh Baghel to Divyendra Singh, short and width on offer, Divyendra chops a cut towards point for a single
7.2 Piyushsingh Baghel to Divyendra Singh, a touch short this time and it is pulled away over mid-wicket; the fielder in the deep manages to get across to his left and keep it down to a brace!
7.1 Piyushsingh Baghel to Divyendra Singh, APPEAL TURNED DOWN! Slower delivery on a full length in the channel, Divyendra swings across the line but ends up getting beaten; the catch appeal isn't upheld by the umpire!
Piyushingh Baghel will bowl the last over of his spell from over the wicket 
Another good over with the ball for the United CC. They have gone full when needed and have taken the pace off the ball, not allowing the batsmen to go through with the big shots and restrict them from scoring the boundaries

Prague Barbarians Vandals need 14 runs in 18 balls 
54 /2 score
cricket ball icon Neelesh Pandit
6.6 Neelesh Pandit to Sahil Grover, OOH! Angling in on leg-stump, Grover gives himself room and looks to slog across the line but he fails to pick the slower one that keeps low and goes in between his feet towards the keeper!
6.5 Neelesh Pandit to Divyendra Singh, fuller in length this time, lofted up and over the bowler's head before long off picks up in the deep
6.4 Neelesh Pandit to Sahil Grover, back of a length this time, gives himself room and creams a pull along the mid-wicket region for yet another single
6.3 Neelesh Pandit to Divyendra Singh, on a length again, pulled towards mid-wicket for a single
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