Bohemian CC 62/2 (6 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 8 wickets
BCC cruise to a seven-wicket against PBVI!

Quite fitting for the wreckers-in-chiefs with ball, Bhuiyan and Farhad to end up scoring the winning runs! The chase was all but over by the second over as Saqib Mukhtar (26 off 12) pummeled the new ball bowlers to make a mockery of the chase! The PBVI bowlers also helped his cause with some wayward bowling although Harsha Chaganty and Achuthan ended up picking a wicket towards the end. A completely dominating performance from Bohemian CC with both bat and ball! They face Prague CC Kings later on while PBVI ends up with one win and loss apiece after a disappointing outing.

That's it for the second ECN Czech T10 Super Series game between Prague Barbardians Visigoths and Bohemian CC. Do tune in for the live coverage of the next league game! Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy and my senior partner, Habil Ahmed signing off. Stay safe!
5.6 H Chaganty to S Bhuiyyan, hit on the onside towards midwicket for a single to end the game. Easy win for Bohemians CC in the end!
5.5 H Chaganty to S Bhuiyyan, wide ball! BCC wouldn't mind this at all!
5.5 H Chaganty to S Bhuiyyan, hit over the infield for two runs to cover.
5.4 H Chaganty to S Bhuiyyan, dot ball! Looks to go big but doesn't get all off it that time!
5.3 H Chaganty to Z Mahmood, hit hard and looked to play it past the bowler but he picks it out of thin air. OUT! BRILLIANT REFLEX CATCH from Harsha Chaganty! Some respite for PBVI
5.3 H Chaganty to Z Mahmood, called wide by the umpire. 4 required now..
5.2 H Chaganty to Z Mahmood, batsman drives that past the bowler for an easy four in the end. Effortless shot from Mahmood!
5.1 H Chaganty to Z Mahmood, defended to the leg side. Dot ball to start the over.
53-1 after 5 overs! BCC needs 9 runs off 30 overs!

Can Farhad and Mahmood finish the chase in this over?
4.6 N Achuthan to A Farhad, defended onto the offside. No run!
4.5 N Achuthan to A Farhad, smashed away through midwicket this time for four runs. Another full toss! Another four. Farhad is having a field day out there with bat and ball!
4.4 N Achuthan to A Farhad, driven through the off side but straight to the fielder.
4.3 N Achuthan to Z Mahmood, pitched short this time and it is played to the man at cover.
4.2 N Achuthan to Z Mahmood, full length this time but its played straight to the fielder. Couldn't do much about that!
4.1 N Achuthan to Z Mahmood, high full toss but it's driven to the fielder. Lucky to get away with that one, Achuthan!
48-1 after 4 overs! BCC needs 14 runs off 36 balls!

Bohemian CC is cruising to a dominant win here..
3.6 P Kumar to A Farhad, full and outside off. And it is driven through the cover for four runs! A few heads already dropping in the field. GLORIOUS SHOT to end the over!
3.5 P Kumar to A Farhad, dot ball.
3.5 P Kumar to A Farhad, too far outside off and it is called a wide!
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