Prague CC Kings 123/4 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings won by 65 runs.
Player of the match: Sudesh Wickramasekara
That's it from the first match of the final day from ECS Prague. Stay tuned for the second semi-final between Vinohrady CC and Brno Rangers, which is scheduled to begin at 3 PM IST! The rain has stayed away after the brief delay, let's hope that is the case throughout the day! For now though, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Pradeep Somashekar. Until next time, see ya! 
The Vanguards were outplayed in all three departments and the Kings deserved this win after a comprehensive performance, which will give them a huge boost going into the finals. The Kings will be patiently and keenly watching the second semi-final to find out who their opponents will be in the all-important final, which will be played later today. As for the Vanguards, it's not the curtains on their tournament either. They have a shot at redemption in the bronze final and will want to overcome this disappointing loss.
That mammoth over was followed by a rather subdued one. Two run-outs and only three runs followed in the fourth over, and that was the story from thereon. The 21 run over was the only one from which PSV got a double-digit return, as the PCK bowlers thoroughly maintained their discipline. Laxminarayan Selvan bagged himself a brace, including the wicket of Kranthi, while Smit Patel got some joy with a wicket to his name as well. 
After receiving a bashing at the hands of the beast, Sudhesh Wickramasekara, Prague Spartans Vanguards never really got off the blocks in their innings. They needed someone from their side to replicate the antics of Sudhesh and Kranthi Venkataswamy was the only one who came close. After a tottering start, Kranthi bashed 21 runs off fourth over to give his side a glimmer of hope.
A comprehensive victory for Prague CC Kings to seal their place in the final. A dominant performance in all three departments to brush away the Vanguards, who were never really in the game after the first innings.

Prague CC Kings beat Prague Spartans Vanguards by 65 runs.
58 /5 score
cricket ball icon Keyur Mehta
9.6 Keyur Mehta to Varun Mehta, THAT'S IT! Kings storm into the finals with a stunning performance here. Short delivery that spun back into Mehta on the off-stump as he goes on the backfoot and slaps it to the extra cover region for just a single
9.5 Keyur Mehta to Neeraj Tyagi, good length delivery on the off-stump as Neeraj hoicks it to the square leg region for a quick single
9.4 Keyur Mehta to Varun Mehta, length delivery on the outside off as Mehta looks to hoick that one but top edges to the short third-man and falls short of the fielder for a single
9.3 Keyur Mehta to Neeraj Tyagi, good length on the off-stump as Neeraj skips down the track and looks to heave that one on the on-side but toe ends it to the square leg for a single
9.2 Keyur Mehta to Neeraj Tyagi, short on the off-stump as Neeraj shuffles across and then whacks it towards long-leg region and they come back for a brace
9.1 Keyur Mehta to Neeraj Tyagi, change of pace, floated delivery, full on the off-stump as Neeraj goes down his knee and looks to sweep it but misses
A nice wicket to add to his stats there for Smit Patel. Delivers a really good over for his captain and PCK are just an over away from the final!

Prague Spartans Vanguards need 72 runs in 6 balls.
52 /5 score
cricket ball icon Smit Patel
8.6 Smit Patel to Varun Mehta, OH! Length delivery that nips away from the right-hander on the outside off as Mehta looks to slap it away but misses, through to the keeper
8.5 Smit Patel to Neeraj Tyagi, back of a length on the outside off as Neeraj dabs sit to the backward point region and scampers for a single
Smit Patel joins the party to get himself a wicket!

Varun Mehta comes to the crease, at the non-striker's end.
8.4 Smit Patel to Shobhit Bhatia, OUT! CAUGHT! Just a formality for the Kings here. Length delivery on the off-stump as Bhatia walks down the track and launches it but too much elevation as the deep square leg fielder runs forward and takes a dolly to send Bhatia packing!
8.3 Smit Patel to Shobhit Bhatia, back of a length on the middle and off. Bhatia hangs back and then respectfully defends it back to the bowler
8.2 Smit Patel to Neeraj Tyagi, OH! Short delivery shaped back into Neeraj on the leg-stump and he pulls that one awkwardly but misses, brushes the thigh down to fine-leg for a single
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