Vinohrady CC 129/2 (10 ov)
Prague CC Kings 110/6 (10 ov)
Vinohrady Rossos won by 19 runs.
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Vinohrady Rossos storm into the final with an easy win against Prague CC Kings. The PCC batting was always going to hinged around two batsmen, Sharan Ramakrishnan and Sudesh Wickramasekara.

The former did enthrall the audience with his classy batting in the powerplay but looked off-colour since the fourth over. He raced past the 30 run mark quite quickly but then slowed down before getting out at deep mid-wicket. He scored 37 off 20 balls. 'The beast', Wickramasekara also provided some fancy, powerful strokeplay scoring a 15-ball 30 but the chase was over once these two got out.

Arshad Yousafai picked 3 wickets including Ramakrishnan and Wickramasekara and easily was the pick of the bowlers. Shoumyadeep Rakshit also chipped in with a couple of wickets and completed the victory for VIR!

That's it then from this match as I sign-off on behalf of my colleague Pradeep Somashekar and myself (Sameer Deodhar). Stay tuned for the further games here at SportsKeeda!
9.6 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, IT'S ALL OVER! Tossed up, similar shot from Hilal, failed to make it three sixes in a row and managed to hit it straight to the deep mid wicket fielder, single in the end to finish for PCC and they fell short of 19 runs! Vinohrady CC are delighted as they qualify for the finals here!
9.5 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, SIX! Tossed up once again, outside the off, Hilal stretched at that and MUSCLED this one over long on fielder and goes all the way once again, big hit! Two-in-two for Ahmad!
9.4 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, SIX! Tossed up, it was full and in the arc for Hilal and he SMOKED this one over long on fielders head and goes all the way for a maximum! Ahmad cleaning off some runs here!
9.3 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Prakash Sadasivan, touch short and Prakash guides this one fine towards third man for a single
9.3 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, WIDE! Another wide, spraying down leg side this time, Umpire signals that a wide, they steal a bye as well
9.3 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, WIDE! Bowled way outside the off stump, Umpire calls that a wide
9.2 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Hilal Ahmad, OH! Tossed up, touch full, Hilal walks down the track and hits it straight to Rakshit and drops just short of him and didn't carry
9.1 Shoumyadeep Rakshit to Piyushsingh Baghel, OUT! CASTLED! Tossed up, touch short, Piyush goes for the cut and misses it, rattles his stumps in the end, misery continues for PCC! The ball skidded off the surface and Baghel was late to bring his bat down in time!
An improbable 37 runs required off the final over to take PCC into the Finals straight from Qualifier 1. Rakshit to complete the formalities for VIR.

VIR 93/5 (9.0 ov)
8.6 Ritik Tomar to Prakash Sadasivan, short delivery, kept low as Prakash dances down the track and hoicks at it, misses it through to the keeper
8.5 Ritik Tomar to Piyushsingh Baghel, full delivery on the 4th stump line, Piyush smacks this one towards extra cover for a single
8.4 Ritik Tomar to Piyushsingh Baghel, FOUR MORE! Full delivery, into Piyush who looks to hoick it and misses, keeper misses and runs away towards fine leg for FOUR BYES! This is just gifting some runs to the PCC side!
8.3 Ritik Tomar to Piyushsingh Baghel, FOUR! Short and wide, Piyush cuts it hard and the backward point fielder lets one through and goes away for a boundary first up. The ball got an uneven bounce near the fielder and went over the ropes eluding him
8.2 Ritik Tomar to Prakash Sadasivan, short delivery, angling into Prakash who dabs it on the off side for a quick single
8.1 Ritik Tomar to Prakash Sadasivan, touch full, Prakash goes for a wild swing and misses it completely
PCC have lost just 5 wickets so far but we can say that the game is well and truly decided. Such is the batting department of the Prague CC Kings!

PCC 83/5 (8.0 ov) need 47 runs off 12 balls!
7.6 Arshad Yousafzai to Laxminarayanan Selvan, OUT! Smart from Arshad, he saw Laxmi walking down the track early and bowls this wide, Chris did well to take and whips the bails off in a flash, Laxmi goes now! Not quite sure what he was trying to do there, deserved getting out though!
7.5 Arshad Yousafzai to Sudesh Wickramasekara, OUT! Touch short, Sudesh goes for another big hoick and hits it too well and straight to the deep square leg fielder, it's Ritik Tomar who takes a dolly and it's almost over now for Prague CC as the dangerous Sudesh makes his way back to the dug out! That should be the game for VIR!
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