65/9 (10)
70/1 (6.5)
BCC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Sazib Bhuiyan
Well then, this has been Bidipto and myself (Rishab). An absolutely dominating performance from Bohemian CC to make the finals. Who will join them in the battle for supremacy? Do stay tuned to find out with more action coming your way. Super Saturday is only getting started and you do not want to miss out on what's in store for you. Have a great weekend folks! 
A pretty comfortable chase for Bohemian CC in the end then. Ritik Tomar came in as a man on a mission and made sure he finished it off soon and in style as well. Less than seven overs is all they needed to get over the line and seal their spot in the big finals later in the day. They bowled well to set the game up and their batters comfortably getting the job done. They were smart in the way they went about the chase, not taking any risks and accelerating when they had to. 

Prague Spartans did not have enough runs on the board and it was never going to be enough. They let a big opportunity down on the very first ball and could not pick more than one wicket in the entire innings. Not much that their bowlers could have done even otherwise with the amount of runs that they had on the board. 

With that, Bohemian CC are the first team to make it to the finals in this edition. They will not meet either of Prague CC or United in the title clash. As for the Prague Spartans, they will face the loser of the second semi-final in the bronze final, which means that they still have a chance to sign off on a high!
That is that then! Finals time for Bohemian CC as Ritik Tomar fittingly finishes it off in style! A brilliant knock from him as this has been a one-sided contest where Bohemians have dominated and put out a clear statement. End of the journey for Spartans but they will battle it out in the bronze finals now!
6.5 Sagar Reddy to Ritik Tomar, SIX to FINISH! Fuller on middle-and-off, and in the slot, that got HAMMERED over long-on from the middle of the bat for a big hit from the crease! 
6.4 Sagar Reddy to Sahil Grover, short on off, batter taps it down to point with soft hands and takes a single off the back foot.
6.3 Sagar Reddy to Sahil Grover, short outside off, cut to short cover, no run again.
6.2 Sagar Reddy to Sahil Grover, full outside off and tapped away to point on the move for no run.
6.1 Sagar Reddy to Sahil Grover, fuller outside off and a swing and a miss!
6.1 Sagar Reddy to Sahil Grover, WIDE outside off!
Sagar Reddy comes into the attack
Ritik Tomar has ensured this game is as good as over now and the Spartans have no chance whatsoever. This is sensational batting from him, taking the attack to the bowling and this has been an expensive over from Parth. Absolutely ballistic hitting and the Bohemians are just a hit away from getting into the finals now. Four runs is all they need! 
62 /1 score
cricket bat icon Sahil Grover
16 (11)
cricket bat icon Ritik Tomar *
37 (20)
cricket ball icon Parth Bhalodiya
0 /25
5.6 Parth Bhalodiya to Ritik Tomar, MAXIMUM AGAIN! Faster ball on off, this time it gets SLOGGED away over cow corner for a MASSIVE SIX! 
5.5 Parth Bhalodiya to Ritik Tomar, fuller on off, driven to cover this time but for no run.
5.4 Parth Bhalodiya to Ritik Tomar, MAXIMUM! full outside off and it gets CREAMED away over deep cover on one knee for a SIX! 
5.3 Parth Bhalodiya to Ritik Tomar, FOUR! Short on middle, and pulled away to deep square-leg for another boundary! 
5.2 Parth Bhalodiya to Sahil Grover, good ball but down leg, turned round the corner for a single.
5.1 Parth Bhalodiya to Ritik Tomar, short on off, flat as well, batter stays back and taps it to point for one.
Half-way through and this is sensible batting from Bohemian at the moment. They are not looking to take risks and just knocking it around while take the opportunity to pick up boundaries. They are well on course to make it to the final at this stage and unless the Spartans pull off something miraculous from here, all we have is one-way traffic. Good over for them this. 24 more off 30 needed!