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Prague Spartans Mobilizers won by 3 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Prague Spartans Mobilizers
  • Vaibhav Naukudkar
  • Ashutosh Arya
  • Suresh Babu Kuramboyina
  • Budejovice Barracudas CC
  • Arun Natarajan
  • Philip Butterill
  • Ritesh Khanna
  • Key Points
  • A highly competitive game is on the cards and the batsmen will have to shoulder the major chunk of responsibility from both sides. The ball sticks here sometimes and therefore keeping the composure is the key
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    PSM will be playing their second game of the day and will be better accustomed to the conditions. As for BBC, they will be getting a first taste of the exciting T10 format. With the likes of Arun Natarajan and Ritesh Khanna in their fold, the competition should be indeed gripping.
    What a Finish!. BBCC had the run rate in control for the most part of the match. Losing wickets at regular intervals hurt them. They needed 7 runs of the last over with three wickets, Ashutosh Arya bowled a brilliant last over by just giving away 3 runs and taking 2 wickets. He finished with a spell of 2 overs taking 4 wickets by giving away just 5 runs.

    PSM will be happy with the bowling performance. Their first win of the tournament. Batting is still a worry for them, they need to quickly bounce back on that.

    We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Dwijesh Reddy Signing off!.
    9.6 A Arya to U Kumar, RUN-PUT! Uday smashes a length ball towards cover but the slow outfield goes against Uday! The keeper runs him out and PSM has pulled off a heist! Arya is the man of the hour as he defends 7 off the final over and ends up with figures of 4/5 in his two overs! 
    9.6 A Arya to U Kumar, WIDE! ANTI-CLIMAX! 5 needed off the last ball!
    9.5 A Arya to J Foster, WICKET! Ashutosh Arya, you beauty! He has castled Foster with another full ball on off-stump! He has turned the game on its head! 
    9.4 A Arya to R Kumar, DRAMA! Rakesh finally gets bat on ball but hits it straight to the fielder. An overthrow costs them an extra run! 6 needed off 2 balls now. Pressure is on Foster!
    9.3 A Arya to R Kumar, ANOTHER DOT! ABSOLUTE GOLD THIS! Another one bowled wide and Rakesh doesn't connect!
    9.2 A Arya to R Kumar, BEATEN! Length ball outside off and Arya extracts a bit of extra bounce! Rakesh cannot get bat on ball! 
    9.1 A Arya to S Mahmood, BOWLED! ASHUTOSH ARYA IS ON FIRE! He bowls this one full and straight and beats Sazzad's wild heave! Two more wickets required for PSM!
    BBCC:- 74/7 after 9th over. 7 runs needed from the last over, This will be a tight finish. Hold onto your seats tightly.
    8.6 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, loopy full-toss on off-stump, Mahmood hits it along the ground to covers. He will keep strike for the next over!
    8.5 V Naukudkar to J Foster, ANOTHER BYE! The keeper doesn't collect again and allows another bye! 
    8.4 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, another full delivery from Vaibhav but this time Mahmood plays it down the ground for a run!
    8.3 V Naukudkar to J Foster, full ball outside off, the ball beats everything and the batsmen come around for a bye!
    8.2 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, Sazzad calmly takes a single!
    8.1 V Naukudkar to A Poosakkannu, DROPPED AND RUN-OUT! Anbu pulls a loosener to mid-wicket where the fielder drops a dolly. However, the batsmen try to take a run off a dropped catch and pay the price!
    BBCC:- 69/6 after 8th over. BBCC need 12 from 12 balls. This is going for a tight finish, this over would decided the tide of the match

    7.6 Md Sahadat to A Poosakkannu, Anbu plays it straight for another single! He will retain strike for the next over as well.
    7.5 Md Sahadat to S Mahmood, hit down the ground for a single!
    7.5 Md Sahadat to S Mahmood, WIDE outside off!
    7.4 Md Sahadat to A Poosakkannu, EDGED! Anbu gets a leading edge over the keepers head but for just a single!
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