Prague Spartans Mobilizers won by 3 runs.
What a Finish!. BBCC had the run rate in control for the most part of the match. Losing wickets at regular intervals hurt them. They needed 7 runs of the last over with three wickets, Ashutosh Arya bowled a brilliant last over by just giving away 3 runs and taking 2 wickets. He finished with a spell of 2 overs taking 4 wickets by giving away just 5 runs.

PSM will be happy with the bowling performance. Their first win of the tournament. Batting is still a worry for them, they need to quickly bounce back on that.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Dwijesh Reddy Signing off!.
9.6 A Arya to U Kumar, RUN-PUT! Uday smashes a length ball towards cover but the slow outfield goes against Uday! The keeper runs him out and PSM has pulled off a heist! Arya is the man of the hour as he defends 7 off the final over and ends up with figures of 4/5 in his two overs! 
9.6 A Arya to U Kumar, WIDE! ANTI-CLIMAX! 5 needed off the last ball!
9.5 A Arya to J Foster, WICKET! Ashutosh Arya, you beauty! He has castled Foster with another full ball on off-stump! He has turned the game on its head! 
9.4 A Arya to R Kumar, DRAMA! Rakesh finally gets bat on ball but hits it straight to the fielder. An overthrow costs them an extra run! 6 needed off 2 balls now. Pressure is on Foster!
9.3 A Arya to R Kumar, ANOTHER DOT! ABSOLUTE GOLD THIS! Another one bowled wide and Rakesh doesn't connect!
9.2 A Arya to R Kumar, BEATEN! Length ball outside off and Arya extracts a bit of extra bounce! Rakesh cannot get bat on ball! 
9.1 A Arya to S Mahmood, BOWLED! ASHUTOSH ARYA IS ON FIRE! He bowls this one full and straight and beats Sazzad's wild heave! Two more wickets required for PSM!
BBCC:- 74/7 after 9th over. 7 runs needed from the last over, This will be a tight finish. Hold onto your seats tightly.
8.6 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, loopy full-toss on off-stump, Mahmood hits it along the ground to covers. He will keep strike for the next over!
8.5 V Naukudkar to J Foster, ANOTHER BYE! The keeper doesn't collect again and allows another bye! 
8.4 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, another full delivery from Vaibhav but this time Mahmood plays it down the ground for a run!
8.3 V Naukudkar to J Foster, full ball outside off, the ball beats everything and the batsmen come around for a bye!
8.2 V Naukudkar to S Mahmood, Sazzad calmly takes a single!
8.1 V Naukudkar to A Poosakkannu, DROPPED AND RUN-OUT! Anbu pulls a loosener to mid-wicket where the fielder drops a dolly. However, the batsmen try to take a run off a dropped catch and pay the price!
BBCC:- 69/6 after 8th over. BBCC need 12 from 12 balls. This is going for a tight finish, this over would decided the tide of the match

7.6 Md Sahadat to A Poosakkannu, Anbu plays it straight for another single! He will retain strike for the next over as well.
7.5 Md Sahadat to S Mahmood, hit down the ground for a single!
7.5 Md Sahadat to S Mahmood, WIDE outside off!
7.4 Md Sahadat to A Poosakkannu, EDGED! Anbu gets a leading edge over the keepers head but for just a single!
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