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Brno Rangers 98/7 (10 ov)
Prague Spartans Vanguards won by 7 runs.
It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay signing off. The action doesn't stop here at SportsKeeda. Head over to watch the live coverage of Match no.4 of ECN Czech T10 Super Series 2020 between Prague Barbarians Vandals and Brno Rangers. Will meet you guys again tomorrow. Till then take care & Good Bye!
That was end to Match no.3 of ECN Czech Super Series 2020 between Prague Spartans Vanguards and Brno Rangers. Exiting game with so many massive shots by both the sides but unfortunately Bron Rangers fell short by 7 runs.

PSV started the match and put up a total of 105 after Kranthi Venkataswamy, who missed a half-century in the previous managed scored 63 off 30 balls this match. The team would be very happy with his brilliant knock. Chasing 106 from 10 overs was not a difficult talk for BRG. They had a slow start to the innings but managed to keep up with run rate after good knocks by Somesekhar Banerjee and Ushan Guanthilake. They needed 20 runs off the last over which was technically possible and they were close to achieving it after scoring a six and a four in the first 3 balls but later wickets started falling and they were on the losing side.
That's the end of the match. Prague Spartans Vanguards emerge victorious after defeating Brno Rangers by 7 runs
9.6 N Tyagi to R Ali, no run! A huge swing and a miss but the batsman fails to connect. The ball sails safely to the keeper. That will seal the game for PSV! They have won the game by 7 runs!
9.5 N Tyagi to R Ali, EDGED AND GONE! The batsman gets a thick inside edge and the keeper pouches the ball. That's the game for PSV there!
9.4 N Tyagi to R Ali, full ball and that is pushed to covers for a double. Some brilliant fielding stops the ball and saves two runs!
9.3 N Tyagi to R Ali, SIX! Length ball but the batsman comes down the track and smokes it over long off region for a maximum! It goes about the fielder and he has no chance to get the hold of it. 10 runs off 3 balls now!
9.2 N Tyagi to N Ahmed, OUT! Full ball and that is slogged right into the hands of the fielder at mid-wicket!
9.1 N Tyagi to N Ahmed, FOUR! Length ball and that is flat batted over the bowler's head for a boundary! 16 runs off 5 balls now!
End of 9 overs, BRG are 86/5. They need 20 runs from the last over. It's getting intense as PSV are inching closer to a win. Which team would go past the line?
8.6 L Ekambaram to D Steyn, OUT! Bowled him! The batsman moves across and tries to play the scoop but in the end sees his stumps get knocked over. The pressure is building here!
8.5 L Ekambaram to D Steyn, full toss outside off and that is pushed to deep extra-cover for a another double.
8.4 L Ekambaram to D Steyn, full toss outside off played to deep cover for a double.
8.3 L Ekambaram to U Gunathilake, OUT! The batsman comes down the wicket but cannot connect. The keeper collects the ball and hits the stumps. Another wicket falls here! 
8.2 L Ekambaram to N Ahmed, single taken to point.
8.1 L Ekambaram to N Ahmed, full ball on the pads chipped to mid wicket for a double! The batsman had given up on the double but a blunder by the bowler grants him a second life!
End of 8 overs, BRG are 79/3.
7.6 S Sengupta to N Ahmed, short ball on the body hit to fine leg for a single
7.5 S Sengupta to U Gunathilake, yorker outside off chipped to long on for a single.
7.4 S Sengupta to U Gunathilake, FOUR! Comes down the wicket and gets down on one knee and scoops it over fine leg for a boundary
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