97/4 (10)
83/8 (10)
PSC won by 14 runs.
Sojib Miah launched Wani for a couple of maximums in the final over, but that only helped the Tigers to reduce the deficit of the defeat. Well, the man of the moment is Naveen Gunasekaran, the part-time bowler, who puts his name in the ECS hall of fame with an impressive hat-trick and finished his spell with 2-0-5-6. No one saw this coming from Naveen but crazy things can happen in Cricket and he won't forget this magical day easily.

The Tigers got off to a good start, scoring 31 runs in the powerplay, thanks to their openers Butt and Hossain. With Sagar Reddy up in Spartans' sleeve, the middle overs were always going to be crucial for the Tigers but they failed to get going against the canny pacer. Reddy not only ended Hossain's stay in the middle but also finished with 2-0-4-1

He applied constant pressure in his spell throughout and then came Naveen's heroics in the middle. He sent Butt and Hasanat packing in his first over, before picking up four wickets in his second over, including a hat-trick, to mesmerise everyone.

The Spartans win the top of the table clash and after falling to their foes painfully, the Tigers would be battling it out against Moravian in the final match of the day. Let's see whether they can recover from this heartbreak instantly and have a good outing against Moravian. Do catch all the live updates of that encounter on our Sportskeeda page, but for now, this is Pragadeesh and Bidipto taking your leave. Tata
83 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sojib Miah
29 (10)
cricket bat icon Saiful Islam-I *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Suhaib Wani
0 /21
10.6 Suhaib Wani to Saiful Islam, short and flat outside off, swung hard by the batter, but missed! 
10.5 Suhaib Wani to Sojib Miah, short outside off, hit away straight but hard to long-off for one.
10.4 Suhaib Wani to Sojib Miah, full toss outside off and SMASHED away straight over the top for SIX again! WOW!
10.3 Suhaib Wani to Sojib Miah, short outside off and this time it gets HAMMERED for SIX over cow corner off the back foot!
10.2 Suhaib Wani to Sojib Miah, short outside off, and pulled away in front for square for FOUR more to deep mid-wicket!
10.1 Suhaib Wani to Sojib Miah, short on leg, hit away through the deep square-leg region for FOUR runs!
36 needed from 6 balls

Suhaib Wani, right-arm medium comes into the attack
2-0-5-6 : This will go down as one of the spells in ECS cricket. Naveen Gunasekaran just destroys the Tigers' batting line up and in no time, they are reduced to 62-8
8.6 Naveen Gunasekaran to Raihan Soroardi, good length ball on off, batter goes for the cut, it is not short enough to cut, he misses it and the off-stump gets pegged back! CLEAN BOWLED!
8.5 Naveen Gunasekaran to Raihan Soroardi, full and on off, hit away extremely hard to long-off for two runs! That could have been bowled too!
Raihan Soroardi, RHB, walks in at no.9
8.4 Naveen Gunasekaran to Ajhar Alam, good length ball outside off, batter pokes at it off the back foot, and it gets feathered through to the keeper for a HAT-TRICK and a five-wicket haul! WICKET!
Hat-trick ball coming up
Ajhar Alam, RHB, walks in at no.8
8.3 Naveen Gunasekaran to Al Mahmud, good length ball on middle, a swing to leg, and CLEAN BOWLED is the batter as the ball crashes into the middle-stump! 
Al Mahmud, RHB, walks in at no.7
8.2 Naveen Gunasekaran to Mahmudul Hasham, full and straight, in the block hole on off-stump, batter steps out but gets beaten for pace and the ball takes the off pole! BOWLED HIM!
8.1 Naveen Gunasekaran to Mahmudul Hasham, full outside off, and beaten is the batter on the outside edge!