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PSV Hann Munden 88/10 (9.4 ov)
KSV Cricket 89/5 (8.1 ov)
KSV Cricket won by 5 wickets
KSV has outplayed the table toppers here. They were brilliant with the ball, equally good with the bat and were too good for the PSV who never looked like winning at any stage. Defending 89 was always going to be difficult for the PSV and with the start KSV got, the loss was inevitable. They did pull things backs in the later half of the innings but the damage was already done. Shoaib Azam and Mossaddek Ahmad torn apart the PSV bowlers with a blistering opening partnership of 36  in 14 deliveries, shattering any hopes of a comeback by PSV. In the bowling department, Zaheer Khan Jamali bowled his hear out for the PSV but didn't get any support from other bowlers. It was PSV's first loss in 5 games and they still sits comfortably at the helm of the points table. For KSV, the win has taken them to the 4th spot.
So that's it from this game. Do join us for MTV Stallions vs SG Findorff E.V at 3 PM IST. Till then it's me signing off along with my mate, Habil Ahmed. Take care! Ta Ta!
KSV win by 5 wickets with 11 balls to spare
8.1 M Yousafzai to I Khan, gets the inside edge from a slightly fuller delivery and they take a single down to fine leg. That's the win for KSV Cricket.
KSV : 88/5 after 8. Scores are level. 
7.6 D Zadran to I Dawlatzai, slower ball and a little overpitched. He picked that up early and swung that over midwicket for four runs.
7.5 D Zadran to I Dawlatzai, big swing and a miss!
7.4 D Zadran to I Dawlatzai, fuller length this time and it is hit away towards deep square leg where the fielder does well to stop the boundary. They run two.
7.3 D Zadran to I Dawlatzai, full and outside off. He miscues that to third man for four more runs.
7.2 D Zadran to I Dawlatzai, slightly short of a length and the captain gets under that quite well. Goes over midwicket for a six into the fields.
7.1 D Zadran to I Khan, cross-bats that over the bowler's head for a single to long off for one.
KSV : 72/5 After 7. Sensible batting there by KSV. 6 off the over and run a ball 18 needed now. 
6.6 A Safi to I Khan, just short off a length and it is pushed down to mid on for one run.
6.5 A Safi to I Dawlatzai, short and pitched on middle stump. Batsman turns that towards square leg for a single.
6.4 A Safi to F Sadarangani, straight and quick. Sadarangani miscues that and it just loops up in the air and into the bowler's hands.
6.3 A Safi to I Khan, shorter this time. Khan simply pushes that to third man for another single.
6.2 A Safi to I Khan, just short off a length. Khan pulls that away even though it kept low. That runs down towards deep midwicket for four runs.
6.1 A Safi to I Khan, just short off a length. It is just blocked into the off side.
KSV : 64/4 after 5. What an over! Just two off the over and RSV are hanging in there. KSV need 25 off 24 deliveries
5.6 Z Khan Jamali to I Khan, hits him on the pads outside leg. And they run through for a leg bye.
5.5 Z Khan Jamali to I Khan, pitching on middle stump and it is played to short cover. No run!
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