PSV Hann Munden 122/5 (10 ov)
VFB Fallersleben 47/10 (7.5 ov)
PSV Hann Munden won by 75 runs.
So with that the Match 8 of the Kummerfield T10 is concluded. From myself, Sarthak Karkhanis and my colleague Abhinav Singh goodbye to you all. 
That was a one-sided encounter with VFB folding up for 47. PSV were disciplined in their bowling performance with Awal Khan Safi being the pick of the bowlers with 4 wickets in his 2 over spell conceding 7 runs. VFB's batsman were disappointing to say the least with Satish Kumar and Kannan being the only batsman to cross double figures.  With wickets falling at regular intervals and the innings never picking up the momentum, the chase of 123 was never on track.
7.5 G Mustafa to S Jan, ALL OUT! Wears the dancing shoes and comes down the track only to hole it towards the long on fielder who settles under it nicely and takes the catch comfortably. VFB have been blown away by the mighty PSV team. DOMINATING performance!
7.4 G Mustafa to S Jan, Another flighted one and the ball goes to the point region. No run taken!
7.3 G Mustafa to K Bolla, Loopy and slow and batsmen nudges it to short third man for a single
7.2 G Mustafa to A Tomar, that came in with the arm and took the middle stump of the southpaw. VFB are falling like a pack of cards!
The wickets continued to fall, as Rahmany was on a hattrick in this over. VFB are 45/8 after the over with the win, not even insight as the match is sealed by VFB. They are 45-8 after the 7th over. 
7.1 G Mustafa to S Jan, the bowler fields it on his own bowling but the batsmen get a single
6.6 N Khan to S Jan, a slip and he would have got his hat-trick, excellent over from Khan
6.5 N Khan to S Siddiqui, batsmen pokes it on an away swinging delivery and gets a faint edge, Umpire adjudging him out instantly. HAT TRICK BALL COMING UP!
6.4 N Khan to R Reddy, CASTLED! the ball nips in and I am not sure what the batsmen was looking to do there
6.4 N Khan to R Reddy, way outside off, umpire stretches his arms for a wide
6.3 N Khan to R Reddy, tries to hoick it around but misses it by a countrymile
6.2 N Khan to R Reddy, batsmen tried to be cute and nearly got his bails whipped off
6.1 N Khan to A Tomar, plays it gently to the on side for a single
There has been an attempt to steady the sinking ship by the VFB batsmen, but to no avail. They keep losing wickets as they are 42-6 after 6 overs and the result is just a formality unless there is a miracle. 
5.6 Zaheer Jamali to M Badhe, another outswinging delivery and an excellent throw from the fielder as the wicketkeeper whips off the bails in a flash. SUICIDAL from the batsmen
5.5 Zaheer Jamali to M Badhe, inviting from the bowler abds the batsmen tries to hoick it. Gets a brace on that occassion
5.4 Zaheer Jamali to M Badhe, bowls it across and the batsmen just plays it cautiously towards covers 
5.3 Zaheer Jamali to A Tomar, down the leg, kisses the thigh pads and the batsmen run a single.
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