106/10 (19.5)
107/2 (12.5)
Punjab won by 8 wickets
Punjab started off the day brilliantly, with skipper Abhishek Sharma coming in to bowl the first over, and Punjab managing three wickets from it. The top order collapsed faster than anyone realised what was happening. Sagar Trivedi and Vikneshwaran Marimuthu did well to steady the ship and score some much needed runs. But with nothing before them, a recovery was always going to be difficult. 

Pondicherry managed to put up a three figure score, as the lost a few wickets in the middle over, but Siddarth Kaul came in breathing fire in the last over, and picked up 3 in 4 balls. Punjab were already full on confidence, and with Gill in their top order, they had mentally already won the battle. 

Shubman Gill started the game with a couple of impressive boundaries, along with Prabhsimran Singh who scored a couple for himself as well. They score rapidly after a quiet first over, but went for one shot too many, as both fell in quick succession, leaving the formalities to Abhishek Sharma and Gurkeerat Mann, who ensured no further hurdles come into play. 

Abhishek Sharma had a shaky start, as he escaped two run out chances, but then, he showed his calibre, and portrayed his array of shots to outplay the opposition who had no answer to him. Gurkeerat played the anchor, and picks up a boundary here and there, when there was a freebie on offer. Sharma also managed to bring up his half century in this low scorer, which goes to show of his dominance today. 

Barring the toss, Punjab put no foot wrong, and outlassed the opposition on all departments. Bowling, fielding and batting at the end. Punjab have a younger team, and have a very good set of players, with a few of them experienced in the IPL, and of course Shubman Gill, with his international experience. 

Punjab went unbeaten last year in the group games, but lost to Baroda in the semi finals. This time, with their team, they should be looking to go all the way, and clinch the title. It's still early days in the tournament, so they should not get ahead of themselves, but they need to consistently performance this way, to keep brand themselves, as the one to look out for. 

Pondicherry need a lot of work to be one, as their batting showed lacked in everything, with the scorecard displaying it. It's not like they don't have the talent, but hopefully for them, today was just an off day. They need to improve and come stronger in the next game, before others consider them not worth of qualifying. 

While this encounter has proven to be a short one, there are many more games happening, so do switch tabs to find out what's happening elsewhere. For now, along with Abhishek, I have been Ankit Sharma, taking your leave! Stay safe and take care! 
After early wickets of Gill and Prabhsimran, it's skipper Abhishek Sharma along with Gurkeerat Mann who take Punjab through, with a comfortable win. They chase down 107 with over 7 overs to spare. Punjab win by 8 wickets. 
12.5 Vijay Raja to Gurkeerat Mann , short ball again, into the body though. Gurkeerat stands upright and cuffs this down towards deep square leg for a single. That's all is needed to clinch the win, and Punjab win far too comfortably. 
12.4 Vijay Raja to Gurkeerat Mann , DROPPED! Talk about some late drama! Short ball, darted into the right hander. Gurkeerat tries to hook it towards third man, but gets a leading edge towards point, who puts down a sitter. 
12.3 Vijay Raja to Abhishek Sharma , full on the leg stump, driven down towards deep mid wicket for just a single. Scores level! 1 run to win! 
12.2 Vijay Raja to Abhishek Sharma , short of a good length again. Sharma slaps this one wide off deep mid wicket, looking for the fence, but the fielder does well to keep it to two. 
12.1 Vijay Raja to Abhishek Sharma , FOUR! Short ball to start with, which looking at the field, is the worst kind of ball. Mid off and cover inside the circle, and no one in the deep. Sharma times it well, and lofts this over mid off, and picks a boundary. He's timed it really well, as even the dry surface cannot stop the ball. Fifty for the skipper, and he brings it up in style! 
The game is pretty much wrapped up! Sharma has shown his class and elegance to bat the opposition out of the game! Just 8 runs needed now, which could very well be coming in this over itself. 
99 /2 score
cricket bat icon Abhishek Sharma *
47 (30)
cricket bat icon Gurkeerat Singh Mann
23 (18)
cricket ball icon Suboth Bhati
0 /21
11.6 Subodh Bhati to Abhishek Sharma , short of a full length delivery, with pace taken off it. Sharma slaps this one down towards long on, but he wanted to dispatch this one as well. Settles for a single. 
11.5 Subodh Bhati to Gurkeerat Mann , shortish ball again, angling into the body. Gurkeerat pulls it, and finds the gap behind square leg for a single. 
11.4 Subodh Bhati to Abhishek Sharma , short of a good length delivery, on the off stump line. Sharma pulls this down towards deep mid wicket, and picks just a single. 
11.3 Subodh Bhati to Abhishek Sharma , SIX MORE!!!! MARVELLOUS! Too full and too straight on the fourth stump. Sharma sits in his crease, and elevates this perfectly over deep cover. He's middled this one as well, as the ball sails over the ropes. 
11.2 Subodh Bhati to Abhishek Sharma , fuller this time, and into the off stump. Sharma prods this to cover, and is happy with a dot ball. 
11.1 Subodh Bhati to Abhishek Sharma , FOUR! SHOT! Class and elegance reeking out of Sharma's bat right now! Short of a good length, with a hint of width on offer. Sharma opens his bat face, and caresses the ball behind point. He's timed hat perfectly, as the ball finds the fence. 
A big over this, with 12 coming off it! Punjab seem eager to chase this down quickly now, and do not want to take this deep! 
86 /2 score
cricket bat icon Abhishek Sharma
35 (25)
cricket bat icon Gurkeerat Singh Mann *
22 (17)
cricket ball icon Damodaran Rohit
0 /23
10.6 Rohit Damodaran to Gurkeerat Mann , another one full on the fourth stump line. Gurkeerat manages to punch this one again into the deep cover region, as he scatters back for a couple more. 
10.5 Rohit Damodaran to Gurkeerat Mann , full and just wide outside off stump. Gurkeerat jostles this down to deep cover for a couple of quick runs. 
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