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Pune Devils 107/2 (10 ov)
Qalandars 108/1 (7.1 ov)
Qalandars won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Tom Banton
Defending 107 was going to tough for the Pune Devils and their couldn't put the Qalandars batsmen under any sort of pressure throughout the chase! Tom Banton was on fire and he got himself and the Qalandars off to a racing start. 45 off just 18 deliveries as he was in the mood and was smashing them all over the park! He set it up nicely and ensured they were in a position of chasing it down comfortably by the time he left. A 53 run stand at the top chasing just 107 laid the platform for the run-chase! Once he was gone, Sharjeel Khan and skipper Sohail Akhtar took charge and made sure they got past the line with no troubles whatsoever. Brilliant hitting and taking advantage of some pretty average bowling. Sohail leading the way with an unbeaten 33 off just 13 deliveries. Easily chased down and a comfortable victory in the end that! 

Pune Devils needed to start well and pick early wickets, either of which they failed to do. The execution was poor and they failed to apply any pressure. They didn't have enough runs on the board as well for this format and they were just taken to the cleaners! 

Qalandars set this game up nicely with some wonderful bowling at the death to restrict the Devils to 107 and that was never going to be enough! Their batsmen then came all guns blazing to repay the good work done by the bowlers earlier on. A complete and all-round performance from them and a pretty convincing victory that! They just needed to start well in the chase and they did more than well, a flying start from Banton and it was just a stroll in he park from there on! 

Chasing it down with nine wickets and almost three overs remaining! Absolute storm and a majestic chase with all the three batsmen coming to the party at some point or the other! That is all from the first of the three games to come tonight! A couple of more entertaining games coming your way! Stay tuned as our team brings you all the action. This is Rishab and my partner Lavil biding adieu. Hope you enjoyed our coverage! 
And Sohail will finish it off in style! That wristy flick again and it's all over! Too easy and a dominant chase that for the Qalandars. A convincing nine-wicket win with about three overs at their disposal! 
7.1 Munis Ansari to Sohail Akhtar, FOUR AND THE GAME IS DONE AND DUSTED!  Full-length delivery on the off stump line, Akhtar looked to flick it away on the leg side and the ball runs away for a boundary to finish the game and win the match by 9 wickets
The Devils need to pick wickets but it's just not happening! Poor bowling from Viljoen as he's missed to execute his lines and lengths right. Was in the air but once again landing in no mans land! That was some good change of pace but nothing working at the moment! Another expensive over and the Qalandars are in a hurry to finish this now! Luck going their way as well and this is good striking from Sohail and Sharjeel. Just a hit away now! 4 needed off 18

Munis Ansari comes back on
Over: 7 | Summary: 4 1 1 4 4 1 Bowler: Hardus Viljoen Score: 104/1
6.6 Hardus Viljoen to Sohail Akhtar, back of a length slower delivery, Akhtar miscues it and runs across for a single 
6.5 Hardus Viljoen to Sohail Akhtar, FOUR AGAIN! Back of a length slower one from Viljoen, Akhtar thumps the ball down the ground with no timing whatsoever. A failed dive from the fielder there and the ball misses him and runs away for a boundary
6.4 Hardus Viljoen to Sohail Akhtar, FOUR! Full length delivery on the off stump, Sohail wristily digs the ball with a thick outside edge and the ball runs away to the ropes for a boundary 
6.3 Hardus Viljoen to Sharjeel Khan, full length delivery on the off stump, Sharjeel miscues the slower length delivery, lobs it high in the air and the ball falls short of two fielders as the pair run a single 
6.2 Hardus Viljoen to Sohail Akhtar, full-length delivery, again a change of pace from Viljoen. Akhtar taps it away on the legside and runs across for a single 
6.1 Hardus Viljoen to Sohail Akhtar, FOUR! Full and wide on offer with the change of pace from Viljoen. Akhtar throws his bat at the ball and sends the ball to the ropes for a boundary
A six to start off and then Sharjeel has taken Amir on! Not getting the bouncer quite right and that was easy for the batsmen to out away! First Banton and now Sharjeel! Another expensive over this. The Qalandars are going along nicely and running away with the game! 17 off the over and it's in control for the Qalandars now. Brilliant batting display! 19 off 24 needed now

Hardus Viljoen coming back on
Over: 6 | Summary: 6 0 4 1 4 1 Bowler: Mohammad Amir Score: 88/1
5.6 Mohammad Amir to Sohail Akhtar, full length delivery, touch full and outside off, Akhtar taps the ball away on the offside for a single to end the over
5.5 Mohammad Amir to Sohail Akhtar, FOUR! Short ball on the leg stump from Amir, Akhtar get a thick outside edge on that occasion and he helps it run away to the ropes for a boundary
5.4 Mohammad Amir to Sharjeel Khan, full and wide yet again on that occasion, Sharjeel gets a thick outside edge to the third man region and gets a single 
5.3 Mohammad Amir to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR! Short and wide outside off,  Sharjeel hits it in the pocket on the midwicket on that occasion pulls it away for a cracking boundary.
5.3 Mohammad Amir to Sharjeel Khan, full length delivery, looked to go wide on the occasion and the ball just trespasses the tramline, wide called
5.2 Mohammad Amir to Sharjeel Khan, yorker a bit wide outside the off stump, Sharjeel flat bats it away to the covers, no run
5.1 Mohammad Amir to Sharjeel Khan, SIX! Full-length delivery on the fourth stump line, Sharjeel waits for the ball to come onto him and lifts it off his bottom hand for a maximum to start the over
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