235/10 (50)
238/6 (49.2)
KAR won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Vidhwath Kaverappa
This is me, Mohul Bhowmick, signing off also on behalf of my partners Pragadeesh and Bidipto Datta from this exciting game in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. Until next time, goodbye!
Karnataka beat Punjab by four wickets!

Abhishek Sharma 109 (123) | Vidwath Kaverappa 4/40
Ravikumar Samarth 71 (106) | Sanvir Singh 2/28

Karnataka got off to a decent start but skipper Mayank Agarwal fell prey to a good outswinger when he was still fresh to the crease and his feet were not moving that well. His partner Ravikumar Samarth, however, played a very responsible knock and was eyeing up a century for certain before he fell for 71 to Sanvir Singh. 

The latter shouldered most of the responsibility for the Punjab bowling in this innings, and showcased to the nation, as well as the world at large how he can be considered to be a decent medium-pace bowling all-rounder. He did well with the bat too, scoring a quickfire 39. The rest of the bowlers for Punjab did not do too badly, but none of them stood out. 

Baltej Singh was brought back by skipper Mandeep Singh in the third powerplay, and he soon bagged the wicket of BR Sharath, but that was his only return. Siddarth Kaul too gave his heart and soul into each and every delivery he sent down today, but sadly not a lot went his way. For Karnataka, the likes of Nikin Jose and Manish Pandey got starts of their own, but they could not convert them into big scores. 

The game took a twist for the good after the 40th over, when too much of careful cricket by Karnataka meant that instead of leading the game as they were before, they ended up chasing it. Some tight bowling from the likes of Baltej and Ramandeep Singh helped as well. 

Manoj Bhandage and Shreyas Gopal, who were at the crease then, found it a tad difficult to rotate the strike and this led to a lot of pressure being piled upon them. However, an over from Kaul relieved all that pressure, and this allowed Karnataka to break free once again. Needing five runs off the last over, Shreyas Gopal hit a six to seal things off in style. 

A similar over from Ramandeep followed where Gopal struck a couple of boundaries, and now the game was back with Karnataka. The latter qualify for the semifinal of the Vijay Hazare Trophy which will take place on Wednesday.
49.2 Harpreet Brar to Krishnappa Gowtham, SIX! Gowtham finishes things off in style and Karnataka book their place in semis. Drags the length back but it turns out to be too short down the leg-side as Gowtham rocks back and hammers the pull over deep square leg
Four needed off five! Can Karnataka do it? Or will Punjab hold their nerve?
49.1 Harpreet Brar to Manoj Bhandage, fuller and quicker on middle stump, Bhandage clips it to deep mid-wicket and takes a run
231 /6 score
cricket bat icon Manoj Bhandage
24 (22)
cricket bat icon Krishnappa Gowtham *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Mayank Markande
1 /32
48.6 Mayank Markande to Krishnappa Gowtham, quicker and flatter, angling in, Gowtham misses his shot and the ball thuds the front pad and rolls to off-side. He wants a single but he's been sent back. He dives but the keeper knocks the stumps at the strikers' end. Looks like he just drags his bat over the line
Krishnappa Gowtham, RHB, is the new batter.
48.5 Mayank Markande to Shreyas Gopal, OUT! Is there a twist? Slower through the air on a good length, Gopal charges down the track and tries to swing across but he didn't get to the pitch of the ball. The keeper collects and knocks the bails

Shreyas Gopal st Anmol Malhotra b Markande 42 (52b 4*4 0*6)
48.4 Mayank Markande to Shreyas Gopal, good length on middle stump, Gopal goes back and defends. Markande dives to his right and stops a single
48.3 Mayank Markande to Shreyas Gopal, tossed up on a good length, Gopal tries to nudge it on the leg-side but gets a leading edge and it rolls back
48.2 Mayank Markande to Manoj Bhandage, googly angling on middle stump, Bhandage pushes it to sweeper cover and settles down for a single
48.1 Mayank Markande to Shreyas Gopal, drives the fuller delivery to sweeper cover for a single
Mayank Markande (5-0-30-0) is back into the attack.

The game is getting closer for Karnataka. Bhandage played a fabulous shot to send Kaul over deep square leg. Just seven needed off 12 now.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Siddarth Kaul
47.6 Siddarth Kaul to Shreyas Gopal, low full toss down the leg-side, Gopal flicks it to deep square leg for a single
47.5 Siddarth Kaul to Manoj Bhandage, full toss around off-stump, Bhandage drives it to long-off for a single
47.4 Siddarth Kaul to Manoj Bhandage, SIX! This could be a decisive hit. Attempts another short delivery but it wasn't short enough to trouble Bhandage as he rocks back and slams the pull over deep mid-wicket for a maximum
47.3 Siddarth Kaul to Manoj Bhandage, a sharp bumper angling in, Bhandage ducks under and lets it go
47.2 Siddarth Kaul to Shreyas Gopal, slow delivery outside off-stump, punched down to sweeper cover for a run