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RC Dresden 101/4 (10 ov)
Berlin Eagles CC 91/8 (10 ov)
RC Dresden won by 10 runs.
That's all we have for this game as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar sign off. Do switch tabs on Sportskeeda to follow live cricketing action. Until next time, its goodbye from our side. BELLA CIAO!
What a game for RC Dresden. They put a mammoth 101 for 4 in their 10 overs, being the highest total of the tournament. Some good batting from S. Waqar and S. Kamboj shouldered them to the total. Notable bowling inputs from Y. Ahmadzai and N Ahmed salvaged pride for th Berlin Eagles bowling lineup. Cut to the Second innings as the Eagles got off to a flyer, scoring 40 runs in 3 overs. Then came the turn tables as the RC Dresden triggered a collapse, shattering all or any hopes for victory for the Eagles as they snapped 6 wickets for 28 runs leaving the Berlin Eagles' tail with a lot to do. Only Z Mahmood and R. Davies crossed double digits in the batting lineup as the Berlin Eagles limped their way to 91 for 8. RC Dresden will be pleased with their bowling efforts with R.  Grover and S.Khan picked two wickets apiece to win it for  RC Dresden by 10 runs  
BECC finish on 91 for 8 afteir 10 overs
9.6 S Waqar to Z Sahi, Another delivery hurried on the batsman, unable to make contact and they end the innings with a single! They had too much to score in the final few overs! RC Dresden are delighted with another win and they look to dominate rest of the tournament as well!
9.5 S Waqar to F Shinwari, Short delivery on the leg stump and hurried on the batsman, they steal a single!
9.4 S Waqar to F Shinwari, SIX! Too litte too late, Shinwari smacks that one out of the park towards cow corner this time!
9.3 S Waqar to Z Shahi, Yorker length and Shinwari drills that one straight to the long on fielder for a single!
9.2 S Waqar to F Shinwari, Half tracker on the leg stump, thuds on the body and they pick up a single!
9.1 S Waqar to Z Sahi, Slower one this time and Sahi fails to make good contact, they pick up a single!
BECC  desperately need boundaries as they need 22 of their last over. BECC are on 80 for 8 after 9 overs with the last over coming up
8.6 K Chandnani to F Shinwari, Slower one and keeps that low, Shinwari tries to heave it but no contact!
8.5 K Chandnani to R Davies, OUT! Scoops that one and he goes failing to make good contact, fine leg fielder makes no mistake!
8.4 K Chandnani to R Davies, Comes down the track again, that's a slower one, he's swinging at everything!
8.3 K Chandnani to R Davies, Makes room to hoicks it and misses it completely!
8.2 K Chandnani to Z Sahi, Hits that towards cow corner for a single, excellent fielder that!
8.1 K Chandnani to R Davies, On the good length delivery, smacks that straight to long off fielder for a single!
A good over for S.Waqar as he concedes only 5. BECC are on 78 for 7 after 8 overs, needing 24 in their remaining 2 overs
7.6 S Waqar to R Davies, This time he makes room and hits it towards extra cover region and fielder keeps that for one, good work!
7.5 S Waqar to Z Sahi, Comes down the track, cramped for room and nudged around the corner for a single!
7.4 S Waqar to R Davies, Shorter delivery, hurried on and just dabs it around the corner, they pick up a leg bye!
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