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Ripoll Warriors 102/7 (10 ov)
City Lions 106/6 (9.2 ov)
City Lions won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Zahid Nawaz
He came. He saw. and he smashed the bowlers all over the park to ensure City Lions register back-to-back wins. It really looked difficult after none of the batsmen failed to capitalise on the start, but Kashif Shafi played a sensational cameo to turn the tide in favour of City Lions. Prince Dhiman put early pressure on the top order, dismissing Hussain and Shakoor. Sikandar and Irfan failed to deliver and the asking rate went above 10, with five overs remaining. But Shafi single-handedly turned things around with a couple of monster hits to make sure City Lions cross the finishing line with 4 balls to spare. Hope you enjoyed the action and the coverage from me (Pragadeesh) and from my fellow commentator Soorya. Goodbye and cheers.
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 1w 4 Bowler: Mohsin Ali Score: 0/0
9.3 Mohsin Ali to Kashif Shafi, FOUR! KASHIF SHAFI DOES IT AGAIN! Short outside off and he thumps a cut through the point region and penetrates the boundary to seal back-to-back victories for the City Lions! They wrap up a much tighter contest by 4 wickets and as many deliveries to spare!
9.2 Mohsin Ali to Kashif Shafi, WIDE! Drifting way down leg! One run taken off the equation!
9.1 Mohsin Ali to Kashif Shafi, SIX! WHAT A STRIKE! Is this the game? In the slot outside off, Shafi slices it aerially over point and clears the rope to good effect!
Kashi Shafi is turning out to be the man for City Lions. 9 runs needed from the last 6 balls.
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 1 0 4 1 0 Bowler: Deepak Rana Score: 0/0
8.6 Deepak Rana to Ahsan Shafaqat, OUT! Is there a twist in the tale! On a length into leg-stump, Shafaqat heaves across the line and the top edge lands safely into the hands of the fielder at point! Well well!
8.5 Deepak Rana to Kashif Shafi, 1 run
8.4 Deepak Rana to Kashif Shafi, FOUR! Middles it powerfully through the off-side and finds the fence! Down to single digits now!
8.3 Deepak Rana to Kashif Shafi, looks for a cut on this wide delivery but misses! He walked too far across which is perhaps why a wide wasn't signalled although Shafi isn't happy
8.2 Deepak Rana to Ahsan Shafaqat, cut away towards the covers for a single alone!
8.1 Deepak Rana to Ahsan Shafaqat, SIX! OUTTA HERE! Back of a length in the channel, Shafaqat nails this well over the fence in the mid0off region!
Rana to bowl

24 coming off the last two overs. The City Lions are right back in the contest. 20 runs needed from the last two balls.
Over: 8 | Summary: 4 1 1 1 1lb 4 Bowler: Aamir Shahzad Score: 83/5
7.6 Aamir Shahzad to Kashif Shafi, FOUR! Length ball outside off, not a driveable length but Shafi goes on the up and squirts it to the third man boundary off the outside edge! Valuable runs nonetheless!
7.5 Aamir Shahzad to Ahsan Shafaqat, a toe-crusher on the boot, lobs into the off-side and they pick up a run courtesy a leg bye
7.4 Aamir Shahzad to Kashif Shafi, uppish but well and truly safe! Clips this length ball off the pads towards mid-wicket for a single
7.3 Aamir Shahzad to Ahsan Shafaqat, hoicks this straight delivery towards mid-wicket to get off strike
7.2 Aamir Shahzad to Kashif Shafi, flicks this full delivery behind square for a single
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