Rossio CC 93/6 (10 ov)
Oeiras CC 93/5 (10 ov)
Oeiras CC tied with Rossio CC (Rossio CC wins the Golden Ball)
Match tied- ROS win in the golden ball

OEI started off their chase in a good fashion, getting to 24/0 in the mandatory 3 over powerplay. They lost 2 wickets in the powerplay and things were not looking good for them as they lost 3 wickets for 4 runs  in 7 deliveries. Just when it looked like ROS were going to win this match, Mohon MF Hussain (31 runs in 15 balls) and Paulo Buccimazza (7 runs in 5 balls) joined hands and put up a herculean effort to snatch win from the jaws of defeat and scored 19 runs in the last over take the contest to the golden ball. Hussain got out on the golden ball and crashed the hopes of a come from behind victory for OEI.

Spare some thought for the ROS  bowlers as they put up a brilliant effort in the middle overs to bring them back in the game. Md Siraj Nippo (2/9 in 2 overs) bowled a superb bowling spell and also took the wicket of Hussain in the golden ball. Also credit to Rahul Bhardwaj who supported Siraj well and took 2/16 in 2 overs.

We hope you enjoyed our commentary as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar, take your leave. Do check Sportskeeda for latest ball by ball commentary and news articles. Until next time, goodbye and stay safe!! 
GOLDEN BALL - Md Siraj Nipo to M. Hussain, OUT! Nipo knocks off Hussain'soff-stump and ROS win this thrilling encounter!
We are in for a golden ball here with the current batting team needing 2 runs to win. Can OCC conquer this one ball contest or will GCCR rise from the ashes to get a wicket and win the match ?
9.6 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, slaps the length ball outside off to long-on and the batsman complete the two! The match is tied!
9.5 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, SIX! Low full toss from Akbory and Hussain accepts the gift with glee. The ball flies well over long-on for six! 3 needed off the last ball and 2 needed for a golden ball!!  This contest look to go down the live wire!
9.4 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, gets the full delivery outside off away to deep backward square leg and gets OEI 2 runs closer to victory. 9 needed off 2 balls!
9.3 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, shuffles across and swats the short ball to deep square leg. Hussain came back for the second but ran one short!
9.2 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, full delivery on the stumps slapped to deep mid-wicket and the duo charge for a couple of runs. 12 needed off 4
9.1 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, SIX! Short ball just otuside off smacked over long-on by Hussain off the backfoot! The chase is still on! OEI need 14 runs off 5 balls! Huge hit from Hussain and they have significantly bring down the target.
OCC need 20 runs in the last over. Can the batsmen close this chase down and win it for the team or will GCCR win it. Lets see.
8.6 M. Rahman to M. Hussain, gets a top-edge to gully for a run and OEI need 20 runs off the final over!
8.5 M. Rahman to M. Hussain, skies the full delivery from outside off to mid-wicket. The bowler ran across all the way even after slipping once. He got to the ball and DROPPED it
8.5 M. Rahman to M. Hussain, wide ball from Rahman against the run of play
8.4 M. Rahman to M. Hussain, misses the heave on a back of a length delivery that passes over the stumps
8.3 M. Rahman to P. Buccimazza, digs out the yorker to deep mid-wicket and gets a single
8.2 M. Rahman to P. Buccimazza, misses the cut on a slower short ball outside off
8.1 M. Rahman to P. Buccimazza, FOUR! Full delivery on off-stump swatted to deep mid-wicket to decrease the target by 4 runs! Times this well and also hits it hard as the ball falls just short of the boundary ropes for a four. Much needed boundary.
OCC are on 65/5 after 8 over. The previous over fetched them 10 runs and they will need a few more blows ,like the six on the last ball of the previous over, as they need 29 runs in 2 overs.
7.6 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, SIX! Another short ball from Akbory and this one has been dispatched over deep mid-wicket for huge six!
7.5 S. Akbory to M. Hussain, misses the swivel after shuffling across the stumps
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