Rossio CC 108/2 (10 ov)
Oeiras CC 103/7 (10 ov)
Rossio CC won by 5 runs.
Rossio CC win the Bronze Shield finals by 5 runs!!

What a roller coaster of a game this was at the start Oeiras CC were dominant as the opener Kuldeep Gholiya provided them the perfect start and score a quickfire 21 runs in just 9 balls. He was taken out by a runout and Rossio got the much-needed breakthrough. Price followed his opening partner and was back into the hut for just 3 runs.

Later for Oeiras CC batsmen Conrad Greenshields and Krut Patel took on the charge and got their side back on track for the chase. They both played a fantastic knock as Oeiras at one point were cruising through towards winning this match. Conrad played a cameo inning as he scored 34 in just 13 balls and Krut scored 21 runs off 13 balls he faced.

Both the batsman departed in quick succession and the match turned around its head as 2 new batsmen came at the crease, Mohon M F Hussain tried to keep up with the scoring rate as he scored 18 runs in 11 balls but lost his wicket towards the end.

The drama continued till the last over as they needed 9 runs to win, but Imran Khan was up to the task and bowled beautifully and first got the wicket of Ranjit and following him a couple of balls later Hussian also lost his wicket and the trouble continued for Oeiras CC. 

The skipper Jiteshkumar who came on to bat later also tried to go for the glory shot but only managed to hit high in the air and lost his wicket as well. Paulo facing the last ball needed to hit the boundary to get his side across the line but he failed to do so as he could only hit the ball to fine leg fielder.

Rossio pull off one of the magical victories in the end. The top performers with the ball for them were Rahul Bhardwaj who conceded just 16 runs and took 2 wickets, followed by Imran Khan who bowled a brilliant final over where he plucked 3 wickets and won it for his side. 

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Rossio CC and Oeiras CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Karthik Raj and alongside me, Navjeevan Rajput signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Imran Khan to Paulo Buccimazza, bowled short and he pulls this one towards fine leg, could not get it across and they could only manage to get a single
9.5 Imran Khan to Jiteshkumar Balkrisna, WICKET!! bowled on the good length and batsmen goes for the pull, get the top edge and Khan completes the caught and bowl!!!
9.4 Imran Khan to Mohon M F Hussain, WICKET!! bowled short and an inside edge to the keeper, OEI batting just falling apart towards the end
9.3  Imran Khan to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled full and that goes towards the third man once again 
9.2 Imran Khan to Ranjit Narayan, WICKET !! bowled full on the stumps, Hussain goes for the swing but gets the edge, the ball flies straight towards the third man who does not drop it.
9.1 Imran Khan to Ranjit Narayan, bowled short, Hussain goes for the pull and misses
It is going down to the wire here. Only six runs off the over. Cracking stuff from Rinku. OEI: 100/4 off nine overs. They require nine runs off six balls.
8.6 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled on the length ball, and Hussain whips it towards on-side for a couple. But Umpire calls it a one-shot run!!
8.5 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled full toss a slower ball, cannot get a hold off it and hits it down the ground, they run the doublw
8.4 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled short and Hussain goes for another pull but misses!!
8.3 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled closer to the body this time, a swing and a miss
8.3 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled full outside off, way outside the line and WIDE called
8.2 Rinku Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled short, Hussain goes for the pull but misses
8.1 Rinku  Singh to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled short and he slaps it down the wicket for a couple
A bit of a stumble there from Oeiras CC. Wicket, dropped catch, voiceferous appeal, run-out chance and everything was there in that. OEI: 94/4 off eight overs. They require 15 off 12 balls.
7.4 Md Siraj Nipo to Mohon M F Hussain, hit for single
7.3 Md Siraj Nipo to Mohon M F Hussain, bowled full and misses
7.2 Md Siraj Nipo to Ranjit Narayan, bowled full and cut towards the third man for single
7.1 Md Siraj Nipo to Krut Patel, WICKET!! bowled full on the stumps and the batsman tries to play across the line and gets edge 
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