Tembo Stars 165/3 (20 ov)
Royal Rhinos 133/10 (20 ov)
Tembo Stars won by 32 runs.
RIGHT, This was me, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Abhinav Singh bringing you live action from the Tanzanian APL T20. Do keep following Sportskeeda for all cricket news and live commentaries. Until next time, its goodbye!!
COMPREHENSIVE.  What a way to finish the match. After winning the toss and choosing to bat first, the Tembo Stars put up 165 for 3. Some gritty batting from Abhik Patwa and A. Adamjee and really economial spells from A. Jasani and Seif Khalifa were highlights of the first innings. The Royal Rhinos started of their innings positively, scoring 14 runs in their first few overs. In came the Stars bowlers and dented them at regular intervals to bowl them out for 133 and winning the match by 32 runs. As for the Rhinos batting card, Safvan A and Arsalaan Premji only scored above 15 runs, while the stars of the bowling, A.Mpeka and V. Abraham took 3 and 2 wickets respectively to seal the game for the Tembo Stars
Rhinos are bowled out for 133 in 20 overs
19.6 Ally Mpeka to Yash, CASTLED! Final ball of the inning and Mpeka delivers a brute of a delivery in the blockhole! Yash stands back in his crease but the pace on ball is so much that he is not able to bring the bat down in time and the MIDDLE-STUMP goes cart-wheeling! A clinical finish from Tembo Stars!
19.5 Ally Mpeka to Yash, length ball outside off, Yash tries to slash hard but gets an outside edge to third man for a boundary!
19.4 Ally Mpeka to Yash, good length ball on the fifth stump line and the tail-ender has a nervous poke at it!
19.3 Ally Mpeka to Yash, back of length delivery, cut away to deep it for a couple of runs
19.2 Ally Mpeka to Augustine!, YORKER! Mpeka steams in and delivers a vicious yorker which takes the middlestump of Augustine!
19.1 Ally Mpeka to Suraj, full ball, driven to extra cover for a quick single to start the last over!
It's all over for Royal Rhinos as they finish the 19th over. They are on 126/8 with the last over coming up
18.6 Alhaji Sadiki to Aahil Jasani, TIMBER! yorker length ball in the hole, Aahil attempts a horizontal bat shot and misses the line of the ball completely and as a result his offstump is shattered! Excellent bowling from Alhaji!
18.5 Alhaji Sadiki to Aahil Jasani, full delivery in the slot, lofted to deep midwicket fielder where the skipper drops another catch! Two runs taken in the meantime
18.4 Alhaji Sadiki to Suraj, back of length delivery, dragged to midwicket for a single
18.3 Alhaji Sadiki to Suraj, slow ball overpitched and hit through the line by the new batsman over long off for an all important MAXIMUM
18.2 Alhaji Sadiki to Suraj, full ball outside off and the batsman swings wildly!
18.1 Alhaji Sadiki to Aahil Jasani, back of length delivery, played behind the keeper for a triple
After 18 overs, the Royal Rhinos are on 114/7. Looks an improbable chase are they need 52 in 12 balls
17.6 Ally Mpeka to Safvan Annarathodika, OUT! slow ball in the blockhole, Safvan is pulled into the shot ages early and he lobs the ball straight up in the air and Mpeka completes the catch in his follow-through!
17.5 Ally Mpeka to Aahil Jasani, in the blockhole and dug out to midwicket for a single
17.4 Ally Mpeka to Aahil Jasani, short of length, Aahil swings wildly and misses the ball!
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