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SaltsJobaden CC 87/5 (10 ov)
Nacka CC 89/3 (8.1 ov)
Nacka CC won by 7 wickets
So a well deserved victory for the Nacka CC. Saltsjobaden needed something magical to pull this off but a mediocre performance by their bowers made this a one sided affair. NCC, from ball one, looked in complete command and cruised to victory with 11 balls to spare. That's comprehensive. Isn't it? Had it not been a magnificent knock from Khursheed Alam, this would've turned into a humiliation for SJCC. For Nacka CC, they were outstanding with the ball, equally good with the bat but they need to really work on their fielding if they are to go a long way in this tournament. So that's it from this match. Here's me, Faham Haider signing off along with my colleague, Abhinav Singh. Take care!
Result : Nacka CC beat Saltsjobaden CC by 7 wickets
8.1 M Munir to Zabi Zahid, short of a length, the batsmen hooks it and gets a boundary towards the vacant wide fine-leg region. And that's it for the NCC side! They canter home pretty easily in the end.
NCC 83/3 after 8  NCC are almost there, just 5 needed now
7.6 Khalid to S Rahmani, finally the over is completed with a dot ball. NCC needing 5 in 12 balls
7.5 Khalid to S Rahmani, another wide!
7.5 Khalid to Zabi Zahid, played around for a single
7.4 Khalid to Zabi Zahid, Wide yet again
7.4 Khalid to Zabi Zahid, wide down the leg again! POOR POOR from the bowler
7.4 Khalid to S Rahmani, really pitched up this time, batsmen can only manage a single
7.3 Khalid to S Rahmani, wide again, a big over this
7.3 Khalid to S Rahmani, bowled right in the slot, the batsmen danced down and clubbed it over the covers region for half-a-dozen. ELEGANT!
7.2 Khalid to S Rahmani, another wide from the bowler
7.2 Khalid to S Rahmani, bowler changed the angle and bowled it really in the hole but the batsmen walks around and whips it for a boundary
7.1 Khalid to S Rahmani, the bowler tried overcompensating and bowled it really wide
7.1 Khalid to S Rahmani, outside off, batsmen gets a heavy-edge and the ball goes over the keeper's head for a boundary. Lucky!
NCC 61-3 after 7. Need 27 more to win from 24 balls
6.6 Imran to S Rahmani, batsmen walks around in his crease and whips it around the square leg for a single
6.5 Imran to S Rahmani, another dot as batsmen lost his shape
6.4 Imran to S Rahmani, fulltoss and the batsmen missed it in dispatching it out of the park
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