Bangladesh Austria 89/3 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC 92/6 (9.4 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Baljinder Singh-1
An easy chase turned out to be high-intense in the end. Zahid Khan ensured there is no twist and turns today as he smashed the full-ball straight down the ground for a huge six. 

It was a new opening pair for Salzburg today but it didn't do wonders as Gondal was out for a duck before Rahat Shahid dismissed the in-form Imran Asif in the same over. Bilal capitalized on Ashfaq's poor start with the ball and punished him for 18 runs in his first over.

Iqbal Hossain got rid of Bilal to make things interesting but Zayed Shahid was smashed for 19 runs in the next over by Baljinder Singh to reduce the equation to 31 needed from 24 balls.  The chase got tricky in the end with two-set batsmen falling in quick succession but Zahid Khan's nerves of steel moment by smashing a first-ball six ensured Salzburg win this tightly-contested encounter. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, until next time, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague, Ankit. Cheers 
9.4 Zayed Shahid to Zahid Khan, SIX TO WIN IT! No twist and no golden ball today. Overpitched delivery in the slot for Zahid Khan. He saw the tossed up delivery, had eyes on the ball all the time, and as the ball pitched in front of him, he gave everything behind it, to launch the ball away over the bowler and over the ropes to win the game. Salzburg CC win by 6 wickets. 
Zahid Khan comes in at No.8
9.3 Zayed Shahid to Ranjit Singh, OUT! CAUGHT! ANOTHER GOLDEN BALL INCOMING? A short pitched delivery, outside off, cut away by Ranjit but only to the fielder at point. A simple catch that could prove to be a twist in the game. 
9.2 Zayed Shahid to Zeeshan Goraya, good length delivery, width on offer, guided past backward point for a single. 
9.1 Zayed Shahid to Zeeshan Goraya, good length delivery on off stump, drilled between deep cover and long off for a quick couple. 
This is going down to the wire and the equation is just a carbon copy of Salzburg's match against Vienna Afghan yesterday. They lost the match in a heart-wrenching manner yesterday in a golden ball, will they pull off this pressure chase today?
83 /5 score
cricket ball icon Iqbal Hossain
8.6 Iqbal Singh to Zeeshan Goraya, full and outside off, punched to covers for one to end the over. 
Zeeshan Goraya comes in at No.7
8.5 Iqbal Singh to Baljinder Singh, OUT! BOWLED! Full length delivery goes through the bat pad gap and rattles the stumps. Baljinder has to walk. 
8.4 Iqbal Singh to Baljinder Singh, good length delivery, cramping Baljinder in his crease, forcing him to defend it. 
8.3 Iqbal Singh to Ranjit Singh, good length on leg stump, worked away to square leg region for one. 
8.2 Iqbal Singh to Baljinder Singh, full again this time outside off, guided to deep cover for a single. 
8.1 Iqbal Singh to Ranjit Singh, full on the stumps flicked towards square leg for a single. 
79 /4 score
cricket ball icon Tauqir Asif
7.6 Tauqir Asif to Ranjit Singh, good length delivery played towards mid wicket to conclude the over. 
Not a good end to such an excellent over by Tauqir Asif. The fielder at deep square leg should've stopped the boundary with a smart decision of not going for the ball. Now it's getting easy-peasy at the moment for Salzburg
7.6 Tauqir Asif to Ranjit Singh, FOUR! Good length delivery that was played aerially towards deep square leg who did everything to catch this but the ball falls just short and escapes away to the fence. It's a no ball too. Oversteps and gives away a boundary. 
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