Indian CC Vienna 104/3 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC 105/1 (7.2 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Zeeshan Goraya
What a blistering innings from Zeeshan Goraya, completely derailing the Indian CC Vienna bowling attack, making a mockery of the chase. 65 unbeaten off just 25 hammering the bowlers with seven sixes and a little over 7 overs is all it took for them to scale the target down with ease. Important contribution from Bilal as well for his 27 in that massive partnership at the top that killed the game right in the powerplay as they got off to a blazing start. 

Just the lone wicket for Naveen towards the end but nothing apart from that for the Indian CC Vienna bowlers to look back at. They needed wickets at the top but all they got is smashing from the batsmen who were in the mood to go all guns blazing today. That kind of a game with the ball that they would just want to forget and put behind as quickly as they can and shift their focus on the games to come. 

These kind of victories boost your confidence as a unit where you absolutely come out on top to outplay your opposition and this will do a whole deal of good to Salzburg and Goraya as well, the architect of this chase and the win for them eventually. That was some phenomenal striking from him taking the game away on the back of his own strength and they will want him to carry forward this form and momentum!
Massive win for Salzburg wrapping this up comfortably with nearly three overs and nine wickets to spare. Completely dominating win as they crushed the Indian CC bowlers, making light work of this target courtesy a magnificent unbeaten 65 from Goraya, leading the way for them!
7.2 Kumud Sha to Zeeshan Goraya, THAT'S IT! Finished the chase in a canter, courtesy of some belligerent hitting from Zeeshan who hits the winnings runs as well. Flighted delivery, good length on the middle and leg as he goes on the backfoot and tucks it away towards backward square leg for a single to finish the annihilation!
7.1 Kumud Sha to Zeeshan Goraya, tossed up, good length on the off-stump as Zeeshan on the backfoot defends it on the off-side
Salzburg clearly in a hurry to wrap this up now. Goraya continuing the blitz and the scores are level now. Just a run away and this has been a proper hammering of a chase. Terrific batting right all the way through!
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 1w 6 1 1 6 1 Bowler: Sumer Shergill Score: 104/1
6.6 Sumer Shergill to Zeeshan Goraya, touch short again as Zeeshan walks down to finish things off but doesn't get hold of it as he pulls and that falls safely towards mid-wicket as they pick up a single
6.5 Sumer Shergill to Zeeshan Goraya, SIX! BAM! This is poor bowling from Sumer as he bowls a length delivery down the leg-side and he walks down the track and CLUBS that one well over the long-leg boundary for a maximum!
6.4 Sumer Shergill to Imran Asif, touch short on the off-stump as Imran walks down the track and lifts it just over the mid-off region for a single
6.3 Sumer Shergill to Zeeshan Goraya, good length delivery on the outside off as Zeeshan looks to heave that one away but top edges straight towards mid-on and falls safely as they run a single
6.2 Sumer Shergill to Zeeshan Goraya, SIX! BANG! That was touch short on the outside off as Zeeshan flat batted that one straight down the ground and went well over the long-off fielder as that clears the fence easily for a maximum!
6.2 Sumer Shergill to Zeeshan Goraya, WIDE! Short and way outside the off-stump and Indian CC Vienna bowlers haven't been disciplined in this chase. Another wide called
6.1 Sumer Shergill to Imran Asif, back of a length on the off-stump as Imran presses forward to tap it down the ground to long-off for a single
While Goraya has been stealing the limelight, Bilal is making his presence felt as well with some terrific strikes. Brilliant partnership this and they are well on their way for a massive win here. Pressure clearly showing on the bowlers giving away some extras too. Although, Indian CC Vienna finally have the breakthrough. Way too late though at this point! 
Over: 6 | Summary: 1w 1w 6 1w 1 1 1w 6 W 1 Bowler: Naveen Prasad Score: 87/1
5.6 Naveen Prasad to Imran Asif, flighted delivery, full on the outside off as Imran prods forward and drives it past the bowler towards long-off for a single
5.5 Naveen Prasad to Abrar Bilal, OUT! CAUGHT! Tossed up, full on the outside off as Abrar goes down on his knee again to hoick it but top edge's straight up and the keeper positions himself around the stumps and holds on to it!
5.4 Naveen Prasad to Abrar Bilal, SIX! BANG! Full delivery on the off-stump as Abrar goes down his knee and CLUBBED it well over the deep mid-wicket region for another huge maximum. CARNAGE!
5.4 Naveen Prasad to Abrar Bilal, WIDE! Naveen is clearly struggling here. That was full on the way outside the off-stump and Umpire signals another wide
5.3 Naveen Prasad to Zeeshan Goraya, full delivery on the outside off, width for Zeeshan as he swats that one down the ground to long-on for a single
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