SC Europa Cricket 137/8 (10 ov)
KSV Cricket 135/2 (10 ov)
SC Europa Cricket won by 2 runs.
SC Europa Cricket have won the match by 2 runs!!
Elation for SC Europa! Despair for KSV.
What an end to such a tight game! The match went down right to the last ball but Mussaddiq could not score 4 runs of the last delivery. KSV have got only themselves to blame. They gave away 53 runs in extras in the first innings and were also fined 5 penalty runs for their slow over rate. That came back to haunt them as they lost by a small margin of just 2 runs.
The KSV were cruising at 113/0 with Shoaib scoring 68(30) and Mussaddiq scoring an unbeaten 55(27). But the introduction of spin helped Europa get their first wicket. It went downhill for KSV from then. They suddenly looked in trouble and could not hit the maximums. 
As this close encounter comes to an end, join us at Sportskeeda for all the live action from today's second game as the VFB Fallersleben take on the MTV Stallions. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Habil Ahmed, signing off. Stay safe!
9.6 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, good delivery and he plays that into the offside to the cover fielder. Only a single and that's the end of the game. Celebrations all around from Europa. Some result this is for them but KSV only have themselves to blame.
9.5 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, better delivery and Ahmad hits that to deep midwicket. They come back for two more runs. They need 4 more runs off the last ball. WHAT A MATCH THIS IS! 
9.4 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, comes down the track and takes it on the full toss. He has smoked that over deep midwicket for six runs! 6 needed off 2 balls from here.
9.3 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, swings at it but he only gets that down to fine leg for two. 12 runs from 3 balls now!
9.3 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, wide down the leg side.
9.2 H Shinwari to S Shah, pitched a little short and gives him no run. Shah misses but they scamper across for a bye.
9.1 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, comes down the ground and he hits that to the man at long on for a single. 16 runs in 5 balls now!
KSV Cricket are 121/2 at the end of 9 overs. They now need 17 runs from the last over. The match has gone down to the last over! They will need to hit the big ones now!
8.6 D Khan Aryubi to M Ahmad, in the blockhole. Ahmad gets his bat down in time to block it out. They run a quick single though!
8.5 D Khan Aryubi to M Ahmad, big swing and a miss this time. This is turning out to be a great over for Europa! The pressure building on the batsman here!
8.4 D Khan Aryubi to S Shah, fuller and he hits that towards cover for a single. Europa won't mind the single, will they?
8.3 D Khan Aryubi to M Ahmad, straying down the legside. Hits him on the pads but they sneak a leg bye.
8.2 D Khan Aryubi to M Ahmad, another full toss but Ahmad puts it away through the long on boundary!
8.1 D Khan Aryubi to S Shah, low full toss and Shah swings at it wildly. Takes the outside and the man at cover puts it down. Pressure getting to everyone here!
KSV Cricket are 113/2 at the end of 8 overs. They now need 25 runs from 12 balls at 12.5 RPO. 
7.6 H Shinwari to M Ahmad, fuller this time and he plays that straight to midwicket. No run! Has the introduction of spin turned things in favour of Europa?
7.5 H Shinwari to I Dawlatzai, flatter delivery to greet the captain. He tries to clear the long on boundary but he hits that one straight down the fielder's throat. He is on a hat-trick here!
7.4 H Shinwari to S Khan, hits the batsman on the pads. Big appeal from the fielders, and the umpire raises his finger. Europa get their man. Is it too little too late though?
7.3 H Shinwari to S Khan, slightly short and the batsman rocks back and smacks that over long on for another big one!
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