177/4 (20)
180/4 (19.1)
Zimbabwe won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Milton Shumba
That's that from this amazing game of cricket we've witnessed as Zimbabwe stormed home right at the end to seal the series 2-1, it was agony for Scotland but cricket's the winner in the end. We hope you enjoyed our live coverage of the match and please do catch all the cricketing action that's happening across the globe right here on Sportskeeda. This has been me, Pradeep Somashekar and I take your leave now, signing off, ciao!
Zimbabwe win by 6 wickets and they seal the series 2-1!

It's time to take some breather, some remarkable hitting from Milton Shumba that. Zimbabwe were down and out at the end of the first inning as Scotland posted a mammoth total for them to chase in the decider. 

Zimbabwe came into bat, Regis Chakabva and Craig Ervine got off to a blistering start and they were 47 for no loss at the end of the powerplay  but Michael Leask pegged them back by picking up two wickets in the same over and Zimbabwe were in deep trouble. 

Evans later on comes back to dismiss Craig Ervine and then it was tough going for the visitors. Milton Shumba and Wessley Madhevere took the onus of doing some repair work and until the over number 12 and 13 they were going modest but it was man of the moment Milton Shumba who took the attack to the opposition, this was one of the cleanest hitting we've seen in a long time. 

He dispatches Alasdair Evans in one over for three back to back sixes and making it a 25 run over, from there on Scotland completely lost their way, the game was in firm control until that time but a blitzkrieg of an innings from Milton Shumba just took the game away from them out of nowhere. 

Wessley Madhevere played a handy role as well in that partnership. Milton Shumba remains not out on 66 and he's seen their team through to win this contest and clinch the series 2-1. 

It was a great game of cricket for us to witness and were thoroughly treated with pure entertainment in the last 30 mins of the game, thanks to Milton Shumba!
19.1 Safyaan Sharif to Ryan Burl, FOUR! THAT'S IT! Burl does the job and Milton Shumba raises his arms to his team mates and Zimbabwe win the game here and win the series. Agony for Scotland here. Full toss on the outside off as Burl whacks that one through the extra-cover and that's the game!
WHAT AN INNINGS this has been from Milton Shumba, he's literally taken Zimbabwe closer to the victory here. Just 2 runs needed now off 6 balls!
175 /4 score
cricket bat icon Milton Shumba *
67 (30)
cricket bat icon Ryan Burl
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Chris Sole
0 /39
18.6 Chris Sole to Milton Shumba, overthrow and they come back for the second and Scotland have let this go from out of nowhere, length delivery into Shumba as he looks to hoick it but misses, thuds on the pads and goes to backward point and they sneak in a second run as well.
18.5 Chris Sole to Milton Shumba, FOUR MORE! Shumba has been the man for Zimbabwe here, full delivery and he skips down the track to whack that one over mid-off fielder and runs away for another boundary!
18.5 Chris Sole to Ryan Burl, NO-BALL! It's a crime to no-ball at the death overs, full delivery into Burl on the off-stump as he drills that one down to long-on for a single, FREE-HIT COMING UP! 
18.4 Chris Sole to Milton Shumba, full delivery into Shumba on the off-stump as he comes forward to clip it down to long-on carefully for a single.
18.3 Chris Sole to Milton Shumba, FOUR! Rub of the green is going Zimbabwe's way here, full toss on the outside off as Shumba looks to hoick it but gets a thick outside edge and runs away down to third-man region for a boundary.
18.2 Chris Sole to Ryan Burl, short delivery into Burl on the off-stump, rising delivery and he rides it towards backward point for a quick single.
Ryan Burl is the new man in the middle, LHB!
18.1 Chris Sole to Wesley Madhevere, RUN-OUT! Nails the yorker on the off-stump as Madhevere squeezes that one towards deep square-leg region and they decide to come back for the second but he's short of his crease, puts in full length dive but he's at least a yard short here.
That maximum of the last ball pretty much puts Zimbabwe in the driving seat now and it's their game to lose. What hitting from Milton Shumba this, he's brought Zimbabwe into this game from nowhere!
160 /3 score
cricket bat icon Wesley Madhevere
42 (30)
cricket bat icon Milton Shumba *
57 (25)
cricket ball icon Safyaan Sharif
0 /30
17.6 Safyaan Sharif to Milton Shumba, SIX MORE! Shumba DISPATCHES a full toss again over the deep square-leg fence as the fielder comes around and he stood no chance as it sails over him for another maximum!
17.5 Safyaan Sharif to Wesley Madhevere, short on the off-stump as Madhevere swipes that one across the line towards deep backward square-leg for a single.
17.4 Safyaan Sharif to Wesley Madhevere, FOUR! Full delivery down the leg-side as Madhevere gets the deflection and beats the keeper and the short fine-leg fielder, runs away for much needed boundary here.
17.3 Safyaan Sharif to Milton Shumba, nails the yorker to perfection on the off-stump as Shumba couldn't do much about it, digs it down to long-on for just a single.
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