141/6 (20)
134/9 (20)
Scotland won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Richie Berrington
A well contested game with Scotland eventually drawing first blood to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. With Scotland being reduced to 32/4, recovering brilliantly to get to 141 courtesy a stellar show by Berrington and then, with Zimbabwe needing only 30 odd in the last four with 6 wickets, going on to lose the game, we have seen some excellent cricket from the Scotts. They fought hard throughout the game and will be very pleased to have the result in their favour. 

Zimbabwe will feel terrible about having let Scotland get to 141. They did not have a good start with the bat as well. However, Shumba and Williams put up a good partnership and it looked like Zimbabwe had the game under their belt. Although, those final four overs were simply too good from Scotland, showing some quality death bowling with Chris Sole and Safyaan Sharif sealing the deal. 

Safyaan Sharif led the way with a dream spell of 4/24 from his four overs. The rest of the bowlers chipped in with wickets as well and a fine performance in the end from the hosts. Zimbabwe had their chances and will be gutted to not have made the most of them. 

This has been an exciting contest and sets the perfect tone for two more games to come in the series. While Scotland will look to pocket the series, the onus will be on Zimbabwe to make a comeback to keep the series alive. Will they be able to do so? Well, we can only wait for the action to unfold yet again on Friday. Until then, this has been Rishab and Raghav as we bid goodbye. Stay tuned for more cricketing action coming your way! 
A single to end the innings then. This has been an absolutely brilliant performance from Scotland at the death to pull this back. Zimbabwe finish 134/9 and the hosts go 1-0 up with a 7 run win! 
Dot ball! Shumba will not take the single. This should be it for Scotland. 9 off 1! 
Some conversation going on between the skipper and the bowler now!
Richard Ngarava, Left-Hand Bat, comes to the crease
Another wicket! Run-out! Chatara is gone. Shumba will be back on strike but it is also a dot ball. 9 off 2! Can Shumba pull this off?
Tendai Chatara, Right-Hand Bat, comes to the crease
Bowled! Full, straight and through the gates! Masakadza is gone. 8 down and Sharif has his fourth wicket. Is this the game for Scotland? 9 off 3!
Just a single. Shumba is off-strike though. 9 off 4!
Four off the first delivery! Great start for Zimbabwe and that will put pressure on Sharif. 10 off 5! 
Safyaan Sharif will bowl the final over!
Just as Zimbabwe looked to be cruising not too long ago, the two pacers for Scotland have pulled things back really well for the Scotts in the death. This has been another excellent over from Chris Sole, under pressure. Just giving away five runs with the wicket. Right then, into the final over, 128/7 with 14 to get! 
Wellington Masakadza, Left-Hand Bat, comes to the crease
Jongwe is gone! A brilliant catch in the deep and Sole is bowling a terrific over so far. Just 2 runs and a wicket off the first three. Scotland are building the pressure. Zimbabwe 7 down with 17 more needed!
Chris Sole back into the attack
This penultimate over might just determine which way this game is going!
One tight over from Evans did make it a bit tight for Zimbabwe but Milton Shumba has managed to get an important six in this over, and it has been a very good one for them at this stage. Well, Safyaan did strike to get Ryan Burl and this game continues to stay exciting. What a finish this is turning out to be. 10 off the over and a wicket. 123/6 after 18. Down to the last 12 with 19 to get! 
Luke Jongwe, Right-Hand Bat, comes to the crease
Fine-leg up in the circle, three men on the boundary at the leg-side!
Safyaan Sharif back into the attack
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