24/10 (17.4)
25/3 (2.2)
SCO-W won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Megan McColl
Scotland getting their fourth consecutive win in a row. Ending undefeated and are the champions of the tournament. Not a lot that they had to chase, just 25, which they did in under three overs. They would have liked a ten-wicket win, losing three wickets, which wasn't quite expected.

Two wickets for Marie Violleaue, both big wickets of Sarah and Kathryn Bryce. In a game that had nothing for France otherwise, this was the moment for her and her team to remember, giving them something to cheer. A wicket for Cindy Breteche as well as France picked up three in all, just causing some dents in that run-chase, which will be a take-way for them from this contest. 

France ending the tournament without a single win, but they will take away experience and look to comeback stronger in the times to come. It was Megan McColls historic fifer that set this game up for Scotland, of course, with the other bowlers playing their parts equally well too. They did not have a lot to chase and they made light work of it, despite those three wickets that fell.

Right then, this is all we have from this game. Hope you enjoyed all the action and our coverage of the same. Do stay tuned for more cricket coverage from games happening all around the globe. Until then, this is Rishab and my co-commentator Pratyush as we take your leave for the moment. Have a great day ahead!
Megan McColl, Player of the Match: It means a lot. It is an honor to take five wickets for my country. We just knew that we had to keep winning and be focused for every game no matter who the opposition was. We are looking to stay at a high level and keep improving game by game and hopefully keep winning more.

Emmanuel Brelivet, Captain, France: It is huge and amazing. We showed we have skills to play cricket. We are training and picking three wickets in three overs against Scotland was amazing. We have watched them so many times and when you come to a tournament like this, we tried to keep it cool and we are learning a lot. I think about a lot of other people supporting us.

Kathryn Bryce, Captain, Scotland: It is amazing to finish undefeated. Fantastic performance from Megan today. We are pleased for her to take five wickets. I think it's amazing to show the world what you can do and aspire associate nations and help them learn. Hopefully they keep growing and having more teams coming through is amazing. We've got players stepping up and performing and the experience gained has helped them play with more freedom.
Done and dusted! Scotland finish an unbeaten run with four wins in a row and are the qualifiers Champions! It has been a brilliant tournament for them, absolutely dominating throughout and a fitting end for the Scottish women!
2.3 Cindy Breteche to Megan McColl, wide. That's not the ideal way to end the tournament. Sliding down the leg side and that seals the deal for Scotland Women. A spirited effort from the French Women as they share some handshakes and smiles. They've not had much to celebrate in this tournament but Marie Violleau certainly gave her side something to cheer about as their campaign comes to an end. A wonderful gesture from them to give a guard of honour to the Scotland team. On the other hand, Scotland Women win by 7 wickets and secure the top spot in, going undefeated in the tournament!
That will relive Scotland then! Scores level with that as well. Just one run away!
2.2 Cindy Breteche to Megan McColl, FOUR! In the slot on the off-stump, McColl can do no wrong today, clears her front foot out of the way and hammers this over mid-on to level the scores!
Megan McColl, RHB, walks to the middle
What the hell is going on here? Three wickets in four deliveries and France are on a roll here. Scotland are throwing a few wickets away trying to finish this off quickly!
2.1 Cindy Breteche to Katie McGill OUT! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! What is happening here? Good length delivery outside off-stump, McGill slaps an uppish drive to extra-cover and straight to the fielder, who did well to hold on sharply! 
Katie McGill, RHB, walks to the crease
A big over for Marie Violleaue this! Picking up the wickets of both the Bryce sisters and this is going to be a moment that she will cherish for long. Something to cheer for France in this game. Absolutely brilliant from her. Although, this game isn't going to last too long now. Scotland are just a hit away!
20 /2 score
cricket bat icon Lorna Jack
8 (6)
cricket bat icon Kathryn Bryce *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Marie Violleau
2 /11
1.6 Marie Violleau to Kathryn Bryce, OUT! SHE'S GOT ANOTHER ONE! Tossed up on the off-stump, Bryce prods forward, trying to finish this in style but hammering it downtown but she's only chipped it towards mid-off, where the fielder made no mistake. What a day for Violleau, accounting for the Bryce sisters in the same over!
1.5 Marie Violleau to Kathryn Bryce, loopy full toss on the stumps, Bryce heaves it over mid-wicket to get off the mark with a couple, not wasting any time here
Kathryn Bryce, RHB, comes to the crease
Marie has the big wicket of Sarah Bryce!! No effect to the result but what a massive moment for her this! Scotland lose their first then!
1.4 Marie Violleau to Sarah Bryce, CLEAN BOWLED! One too many sweeps from Bryce, went for another one across the line to this loopy delivery but she was early into her shot and missed it completely, losing her off-peg. France are delighted with that one. Not much for them to celebrate in this tournament but aren't they delighted for Violleau!
1.3 Marie Violleau to Sarah Bryce, fullish delivery on the off-stump line, Bryce prods forward to sweep this well in front of square for a couple at cow corner
No hanging around! First six of the game and Scotland are now just 9 runs away. Monumental blow from Bryce that!