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Jonkoping CA 98/7 (10 ov)
Seaside CC 66/9 (10 ov)
Jonkoping CA won by 32 runs.
We thank you for joining us. Hope you enjoed an excellent day of cricket. That's all for now from us. Until next time, good bye from Team Sportskeeda! Do join us!
It's a comprehensive victory for Jonkoping CA at Gothenburg. Right from the first over of the match, Seaside was never really in the game. Jonkoping dominated all the three departments and completed a well deserved victory here. Riaz Khan provided a good start to their innings, scoring 22 runs off 16 balls, and a cameo from Naser Batcha propelled their innings to 98 runs of 10 overs. But the most exceptional performance came from Bhavya Patel, breaking the backbone of the Seaside batting line up with a four-wicket haul.
9.6 S Shirzad to A Hussain, full delivery outside leg stump and the batsman makes room before missing it altogether.
9.5 S Shirzad to A Hussain, length outside off and glided to third man. Dot ball.
9.4 S Shirzad to I Shaik, OUT! Slower delivery on a full length on leg stump and the ball deflects off the pads towards the bowler. Shaik is ambling down the track for the single and by that time, Shirzad picks it up and hits bulls eye at the non-striker's end. Diabolical running. Absolutely wretched.
9.3 S Shirzad to I Shaik, yorker at the stumps and driven back to the bowler. 
9.3 S Shirzad to I Shaik, down the leg side and called a wide.
9.2 S Shirzad to S Murthy, OUT! Loopy low full toss on leg stump and Murthy hits it straight down the throat of the fielder at mid-wicket. Could have hit it anywhere but found the fielder, rather perplexingly.
Last over coming up, and Seaside needs 34 runs for victory. Unless the batsman does something similar to Yuvraj, they are down and out!
9.1 S Shirzad to S Murthy, yorker on leg stump and dug out straight back to the bowler.
8.6 Z Zadran to S Murthy, yorker on off stump and drilled to the man at cover for a single.
8.5 Z Zadran to S Murthy, length delivery outside off and Murthy lifts it over the fielder at cover to pick up two.
8.4 Z Zadran to I Shaik, length delivery at the stumps and Shaik gets a thick outside edge while attempting another agricultural mow over the leg side. Gets a single for his efforts.
8.3 Z Zadran to I Shaik, full delivery on middle and leg and Shaik carves it over cover for a couple.
8.2 Z Zadran to I Shaik, angled into the pads on a full length and the ball thuds into the pads even before the batsman can get his bat down. Dot ball.
8.1 Z Zadran to I Shaik, back of a length outside off and Shaik loses his shape as he looks to cart it over the leg side.
40 required from the last two overs. We can already see some smiles from the Jonkoping players. 
7.6 M Ismail to I Shaik, full delivery and driven down to long on for one.
7.5 M Ismail to I Shaik, length outside off and Shaik fails to connect with his agricultural hoick
7.4 M Ismail to I Khan, OUT! Length delivery on off stump and Khan looks to repeat the dose of the first ball of the over. But, this time, he fails to get the elevation and is caught easily by the man at long on.
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